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The FINAL Skull Kid album, completing the trilogy. AND I MEAN IT. I am in a place in my life now to where I'd like to let this side of me go. I'm overall a happier person now and want to bring more positive vibes to the world (though I still may do a dark song from time-to-time).

Sure, I could've just called it "The MΩΩN III" but I don't like to be cliche or typical. Besides, I think this title explains what this is better: The official soundtrack to a villain. It's dark; it's angry; it's loud; it's threatening.

CAUTION: people WILL think you have issues listening to this. This may also awaken the vengeful "bad guy" inside of you. You may feel like going on a rampage. Listen with care.

This may be it for SK but he did not go quietly. Enjoy.


released December 30, 2015

Executive Producer: Aaron "AGenius" Grace.
The Mad Galaxy. 2015.

All tracks mixed/mastered solely by Aaron "AGenius" Grace, except track 5 (also mixed in part by Michael "SLRxFLR" Rankin), track 11 (remixed by Christopher "nosticthepoet" Miller) & track 16 (mixed/mastered by Michael "SLRxFLR" Rankin).

Featured artists and producers are credited in respective song titles.



all rights reserved


AGenius Sacramento, California

Just a little man with big ambition. Mottos: 1) Everything pristine. 2) Kill all things with a tempo.

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Track Name: Prey/Pray (The Beginning of the End) [prod. Killing Spree]

I tried to be nice to these fuckin fools
But you can't help a dude who wants to fuckin lose
Don't blame me for what these rappers choose
I'll slap their fans in front of them when I'm in a good mood
Whenever I step through the Community trembles
Make niggas second guess disrespecting folk I'm kin to
Offend you I ain't even begin to, hoe I'll
Take all ya greens feed ya Mac n fry they ass then make ya soul food
Call yourself a rapper, what you always talk for?
Stay in the comments section cuz you lack the bars for us
Change from a genius track what you put that on for?
Bitch I should strangle you with this AUX cord
Speak to your maker bow your heads
Said a prayer, then *bowed* your heads
If I'm the rapper you can't stand
Only makes sense to bow instead
Got ya momma feedin me grapes
Ya Sister cleaning my 3rd leg
No competition crown
Why I still hear nothing but Genius chants

The Devil's advocate, send me out I'll get this [Prey for you]
You're on my hit list boy I'ma have to [Pray for you]
The Devil's advocate, send me out I'll get this [Prey for you]
These rappers ain’t shit congregation better….

Pray for you; I’ll show you how black Angels do
Pop pop, you dead then pay my tithes at your funeral
Flowers for the grave of your seeds, won't let them blossom too
Record/repost your death; maybe now people will follow you
My alphabet is terrible
I'm AG who knows nothing but K's
Bitch what opponent?
Those opposing?
They know nothing but graves!
Load up that Divine Intervention through the stained-glass windows
I hope they [prayed for you]
….Bet you now you’ll regret that diss, hoe.


I'm so sick of all you niggas
So I'm pulling on these triggers
You don't do half of the shit I do
So fuck you and your listeners
Fuck your thoughts and your opinions
Fuck your bars n shitty mixing
Say you all look up to me??
Why ain't it showing in your spitting???
You's a bitch
Your crews a bitch
I ain't showin love to none of you
I'll pistol whip the nigga here before me
And who's after too
Y'all the fuckin reason it ain't worth what these producers do
20 minute cyphers they can't hear me they can't get past you!
Trash ass niggas
I can kill you with my half-assed scriptures
Mad at your fans cuz they actually accept that nigga
Y'all ain't worthy of my punchlines you get straight facts nigga
I keep it real? They call me evil; where they do that at, nigga?
Oh right! here! Where you're rude for telling niggas "step it up"
Where everybody's sub-par, so they big each other up
Give a fuck
You all want me to be evil so I'm evil
You want something? Now I charge
You shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you
I can go a couple minutes
Digging ditches
Stuffing rappers in it
Organs to the kitchen
Make it dinner
Bloody lick the dishes
Family don't mind they fuckin business
Face the consequences
Blaow! Your whole existence is diminished
Am I fuckin finished?
Nope! Even your soul can get the business
And I kill the witness
Audience get wet up lemme get em
I need exorcism
Way I got heads spinning necks twisting
From the noose!!!
Got a bite for the bark
Foaming at the mouth
Shouldn't never let the fuckin dog loose!!!!
I chill with some demons
Got millions of reasons
To cock back the heat
Cuz it's cold fuckin season
You gon need a deacon
Your maker you'll meet Him
Your organs are leaking
They can't stop the bleeding
Black Friday I'm thieving
Can't shake the shot it's heat-seeking
Bussin (bust in) some pussies, no semen
You won't feel your face past this weeknd
No Kryciz on here but still Reaping
I'm back since you fiendin
Track Name: Antagonist! (feat. Kryciz & LA Dub Z) [prod. Raisi K.]
INTRO (AGenius x Dio)
I'm more than these bitches can handle!!! (Ike)
But I don't give a damn though
The star is back pulling cards the whole tarot i guess I'm Dio Brando!!!
I guess I'm Dio Brando...(Ike)
Dio Brando!!!
Stand for something or fall for anything; I'm a-head of you Joe's with my woes, Dio Brando!!!!

VERSE 1 (Kryciz)

I'm on a conquest for your head!! The machete gon murda
Oh that's your boy? Pow! I'm committing the murda
They gon find us whole crew in the ditch and acquit me for murda
I'm the bad guy you bitches gon fear fuck yo feelings we murda
Antagonist (x16)
They need a new class of villain, I'm gon give it to em (x4)

VERSE 2 (AGenius):
Malicious microphone demon
I'm vicious Gimme a reason
Verses ordained by the Deacon who fucked little boys in the pu
Congregation ingesting bloody semen during communion
Been wanna fuck
You Read my mind
We call Your girl pussy Mew
Bad as hell
Evil as fuck
Life's a bitch but she gon let me hit it raw
Cuz I got the game in my paws
Canine grip grrr check the jaws
Carry arms that'll chop yours off
body parts in mason jars
Eat em raw while playing Bruno Mars
'Cause You taste "amazing just the way you are"
To fuck with Genius is a grave mistake
Sleepers I'll incapacitate
Take your head and decapitate
High top your souls they levitate
Drink your blood no coagulate
Stick your dick in your asshole
Bring whole new meaning to masturbate
Fuck yourself while you're in your grave
Open casket your funeral
You hate?
Hoe Go Suck a dick like you gravitate
Clap you up I congratulate
Hit a lick watch me salivate
For your murder I got a taste
Lap it up like I haven't ate
Got community love, but fuck them niggas
I'll trust a fart in diarrhea before I trust them niggas
Two fellow kings have a battle as competitors and y'all
Get on board and fall for it like the pawns that y'all are
With our dicks in your jaws
But I've been goin hard
Couple anime bars
And you're lickin my balls
Behead your otaku hero
While watching Aldnoah Zero
Nerds stroking my ego
But Power to the people


VERSE 3 (LA Dub Z):
why it take me so damn long to write this shit
I used 2 fingers just to type this shit
break yours off shove em up your rear end
rip off your ears now and you look like frieza
pussy pink government I aint never gona quit
blowing on this here sativa
got molotovs bottled by the liter
thats my pain bottled up like full throttle fuck yous
pop a top on em flip a lid really whats new
slit a pussies throat Ima dick I cut through
philosophical fallopian tubes
bust a nut quick if you aint talking cashews
like give me my money I got kids dummy
everything but the kitchen sink bitch run it
(I dont leak verses) maybe I lied
cause the blood on the pens still drippin with pride
my heart in these barz and my hand on my heart
the only side that I pledge to is still dark
and I dont care if kryciz or agenius rep that
we teamed up again your defense stepped back
darkside still put your head in your lap
Ima shoot before the moonshooter gets back
Astro Im not though sike thats for life
I keep it modern like Roccos life
eat tacos twice and I bust those shells
no diss track and you still gon fail
no tin bucket and you still gon pale
in comparison man ya whole team is embarrassing
kill a baby set fire to the carriages
la and hip hop when the marriage is
long time ago all kind of flows
bitch we run the game what you whining foe
Track Name: S K U L L (feat. Jay Hoshigaki) [prod. Legendary & OfficialCERT]
Intro (AGenius)

Chorus (JayJ):




Verse (AGenius):
Take your newborn get her skull cracked
You a newborn, all that space between your skull cracks
Nigga I'm an expert I took my anatomy....
I know 206 bones that I could crack
ΜΩΩΝ ΙΙ been killed y'all fuck niggas
This da nail in ya muthafuckin coffin
I'ma nail ya girl in her fuckin coffin
She dead but this diiiiiick in her mouth still got her coughin
My balls full of that poison that's Koffin
And ya mom bout to ride the Team's Rockets
Call that gurl Jessie
No names still what I write you finna die
Your days are numbered mf I got the Shinigami eyes
Oh yea this ain't a game nigga
I stomped out that Great Diety's Mask
He a god emcee but he ass
Nigga bout as flame as a heat rash
Ain't gotta Change forms for you to see Wrath
And fuck yo lists even if I'm on it
Cuz when these niggas show ass I bring that moon out
If you doubt
Y'all just products of my semen flow
How the fuck you my opponent now?
Lil beeeish
*Let an OG shine sit yo young ass down*
Put the walls of Jericho on these young ass clowns
Better bow for the crown or I'll bow for the crown nigga

Chorus x2

Track Name: Come Out N' Play (feat. SLRxFLR) [prod. Natsu Fuji]
VERSE 1 (AGenius):
Maniacal mind of a killer
Rampaging how do you figure
You're iller you can't name a nigga who bigger
The bars rape n pillage 6 on the Richter
I step in the village just throwin them bows
Kicking down doors
We don't die, we multiply
Tell me who's Cooler
Stay Independent with drive we on Uber
Hoe If you try to deny, get the Ruger
Givin your girl all 12 inches to prove I'm the ruler
One bullet for each play to you losers
Killing Spree give me 10K's I'm the shooter
For interfering with the message all you rappers are some hoes
Every performance I'm raged
I'll Slap everybody on stage (RRRAGH!) with Benny Hinn's coat
Load the clip with Skull Kid verses LAWD, you'll be a Holy Ghost
Fuck all that talkin
I'll send tha hawk in
Let that thang get to sparkin
That fire workin then yo ass in a coffin
I got a bite for that barkin
Let's get it poppin
Still the king of the darkness
Lay out the bodies I'll let my kid do the chalking
Tell G. I'm "Walkin My Talkin"
I'm not the one you should fuck wit
I busta rhyme then I touch it
I mop the floor when I buck-it (bucket)
So if you dumb ass ain't duckin
I'll get your family to suffering
I got a "MasterPIECE" coming (Masterpeace)
Like Andre got corrupted
Look at what you started
Now that red comin out you from 2 rounds you're a Target
Your girl keeps blowing like there's dust in my cartridge
Stays on her knees til decomposing her Cartilage
I'm savage
I stay doing damage to beats
Leaving rappers deceased
Stuffing caskets at least
Giving maggots a feast
You ain't matching this beast...
Your punches lacking the reach
I'm Luffy & Saitama
Fusion dance when it's beef

Can you c-come out n play????
Can you come out, come out, come out

1...2, Genius coming for you
3...4, don't go on tour
5...6, get your bars up, bitch
7...8, don't stay up late

VERSE 2 (AGenius):
Bitch nigga I don't know ya
Start with me then it's over
I'll let that thing flare like solar
That shit'll clap like the nolia
I got a chip on my shoulder
So if you trip pull the holster
You rappers slow when it's war cuh
You have hard drive but slow Load up
Flow filthy
These lil cats see me turn big pussy
Panther Lily
Community looking silly
I lack sympathy; have no pity
You sick of me killing shit I hear your nausea
Fuck you
You'll get 7 rounds like a chakra
Bop bop bop bop! When my Hitman come Holla
Your girl gets it too; these bisexual shottas
I'm tryna be good keep it cool now
But these weak mu'fuckas bring my hood out
Bish keep on barkin pull my wood out
And it's still MG hoe what's good now?
Whoa Me n Anna in it yea them wolves out *howls*
I can fix your attitude when these tools out
Have that red coming out you when the bulls out
Run your bitch ass over bring my Suge out
(Bruh what's wrong wit chu?)
I don't know but blame Natsu for the monster in me
Nah fuck that, blame this country for the monster in me
Just 'cause you fuck boys in the closet don't mean monster's in thee
Yea you fucked up yea ya lucks up get that buck buck yea that contra in me


Ain’t na’an nigga want it with me….and it’s plain from the skills I’ve acquired
Any nigga wanna trip, I will get him from the rip, in a minute I’ll be stealing his fire
Never witnessed what is sick evident I get it in - you can hear it from the bills of the choir
Killed the desire, bury their soul it’s cold stay swamped then sail through the mire

Understand what I tell?  It is dire…little boys are clearly some liars
Always speaking ‘bout the grips, how they’re killing in a fit? No rage - I dare to inquire
If they really did commit, but I’m listening and quick - no evidence failed the reminder
Hell, I’m a fighter! Test? Fuck nigga I’ll end you lyrically no one is higher

Sneak dissing gets clips to the frame, slits to the vein with the slickest of blades
I don’t give a fuck about your clique or a gang, you’re really out of luck it ain’t a simple mistake 
Slipping under covers when you hearing it bang fearing the flame nigga you are clearly a lame
Purely insane misery is surely engraved hear in today I could leave you curled in a grave bitch, DIE!

Look - I ain’t gotta talk when I live it got my city on my back when I walk through your village any
Nigga wanna act get sparked with it really  gripping semis with the mags when I pop at your fitted keep a
Log for the infinite resolve I can feel it niggas stall trying to get in with the darkest of feelings little
Ponds they are chilling I’m a taipan. Really wanna bite? Look fucker you'll drop when I’m spitting I -

I swear I hate you fucking rappers with a damn passion
Running round, fronting like you gangsta with your pants sagging
Claim you getting cookie - you really just some pussies break you
Off? Then you bitches swift collapsing get it cracking I might

Rob me a nigga pop me a trigger leave him in a swamp or a river gone with the wind I’m feel in like I’m
Lost in the winter hot with a temper killing every long winded sinner - my boy where’s the competition? 
Ah…no point in spazzing I’ve had applause you ain’t started started clapping I’ve
Ran the ball you ain’t got to pass it I’ve made them plays you can’t stop the action nigga 

I’m just kidding man of course I’d like to come out and play
Track Name: Verbal Vengeance II (feat. L8ye) [prod. Aataze & SSBeats]
Intro (feat. Bane)

I'm back in this bitch and I'm crackin her ribs
That's how savage I get and so massive the dick
Leaving mattress indents broke her back ever since
Then attacking the vaginal spazz on a chick
When I ravage her shit
Man Your dads gonna flip
In his casket
What you say bastard?
Unpackage his ass n Pour acid if ya fam wanna trip
But I digress, These rappers aren't shit
Hold on....
Pass me your rhymebook bruh?
That's all your bars are good for!!!
Beat ya til ya color purple then I grab Celie's razor
Have my lady buss the Smith so much I just call her Jada

This ain't a scene dudes be talking should fall out boy I tell them hoes they can't trap me Im jenzo
show have ya flesh to the streets like I'm giving off sneak peeks you a rapper took ya head now you into a deep sleep half talking backwards add dreads now you looking like chief keef so messedup now they gotta put a bleep bleep... Ahhh what a monstrosity stupid oh possibly never trust hoe never take grenades for a girl fuck Bruno my lines go beyond mars break necks like Jesus breaking bread in half you a lost soul get added to me like shaman king fuck you in yo feelings right now hate sit in my eyes..

Told your favorite rapper "let's collab"
I took his vocals
Had Aataze make a beat of all farts
And put em on it
Told SSBeats let's start an open verse
Have winners chosen
Then told the entries SIKE I LIED NIGGA
You rappers hopeless
I'm steady trollin
BARbarian wit the mic no late night hostin
Still Conan
Crowd screams when I take shots but I ain't Toastin
Slit ya mouth until ya cheeks are open but I ain't Joking
The cig can leave your fuckin lungs blackened but you ain't smokin

People looking at me crazy like they never seen a killer but anyone tempted can be one fuck all of you rappers kill em while they still fetus people looking at me odd kill em now you know we all even cut ya thoughts off now you can't think straight that's a slideshow no Bob like micros I tell em don't get it twisted get it cracking like Billy hatchers giant egg half ghoul not from Tokyo.. . aww hail that dark side I'm shooting arrows down so 300 never gone fake you already know like some people in the church with the holy ghost people be shock when they hear me I'm zapdos go so hard that I don't even gotta fap no MO

I got 3 X's
So I leaked their nudes on pornhub
Fucked mileena protected but she ate the cob through the cornhusk
Gave your Annie them hard knocks
We fought over money
So I gave her these warbucks
Now I'm her daddy she's more fucked
But wait I ain't finished
Making more lives diminish
Drill kids teeth in
I'm a dentist da menace
All you niggas can get it, period, that's a death sentence
Skull Kid is satan's Apprentice
A way with words Verbal Vengeance

when it come to sticking out real no courage just cowardly dogs hid in the fog like frogger tranna cross on a log bigger then kim porn with rayj
take shots on the beat like a ak all you hear is k+2 like the klu clux klan here oh my gosh oh my dear he's a positive kid.. But sometimes you gotta show the world your feelings like what getting bulied is I eat heads in the game like the florida zombie most people all bitch made all wrapped in drama now they mummies cut yo kids now ball ain't life if death involved you just heard your death note

AGenius (Outro):
Dance in some Hot aisain pussy we call her sirachacha
Penetrated with my fist I'm on my Barakaka
Stay bustin in my cockpit that's Galagaga
And watch these rappers bite my flows with they piranha jaws
Track Name: Come F*** Wit' A Villain (feat. Ish1da) [prod. Raisi K.]
INTRO (excerpt from "Unforgivable" by Hodge Stansson)
I'm the waviest nerd you'll ever meet bruh
Yo girl be beggin me to watch me play Zelda

VERSE 1 (AGenius):
Every birthday I get hammered like Jesus
Swerve the whip might graze you, so crucifix your attitude
Godly on my Jesus, shock the world like Hey Zeus
Lit like them raves do, see a girl like "Hey you"
She gets the (w)in cuz her tits like lowercase double-u
I stay with Nguyens (wins) like I moved in with Vietnamese boos
Monster! She say my name 3 times I feed her beetlejuice
Guess that's why she buggin, though I'm ugly make her leave you
Dorky ass rapper I'm a barred up nerd
Pull da lady of your dreams in my triforce shirt
No keymaker I'm The One who opens all the doors
Stepping on this nimbus I got Skywalker force
Lightsaber ya misses with Skywalker force
My dogs stay with them bars like ya pet store
All this ice got me with your queen she told you let it go
And wit these bars I got no respect
My units drawing up her walls like architects

Come n fuck wit a villain
She so bad she keeps up with my sinnin
Come n fuck wit a villain
Look at ya hero look at us now who winnin
Brrrrr! Hear that? That's the money callin ringtone
So Come n fuck wit a villain
Come n fuck wit a villain

VERSE 2 (Ish1da):
To say these rappers sukc, that's just me bein generous/
Known as a Villain cuz tha vernacular venemous/
I don't share ya sentiments, we ain't got no synergy/
Cloned in Jurassic Park, tha boy a straight spitter, G/
Ride wit The Epitome, tha violence is euphoric/
Gangstas kikcin down ya door like Nicolis and Worikc/
No game, I'm a geek, but I was raised in tha streets/
So you wanna chow mayn, you can get braised wit tha beef/
I'm just tryna eat, that's word to God, homie/
Ryo Sakarai, known to keep a 9 on me/
Bad day away from robbin, just to get a half a grip/
And they call tha boy Yamato you ain't tryna battle shit/
Got my triads in tha whip and they all down to ride hoe/
Roll with a pakc of wolves like Hajime Saito/
You fukn suicidal? if you plan to leave alive/
Don't toy with tha mad genius and tha masterless samurai/


VERSE 3 (AGenius):
On a trip to Costa Rica
Your girlfriend hit my beeper
Been a while since you could reach her
I just borrow you can keep her
Rappers beggin for a feature
But bitch you ain't Ish1da
Or my niggas known as reapers
And your résumé contains no Ether
School of hard knocks I'm the teacher
Of the year come let me teach ya
Staying fly just like a Leer
Til I die just like Aaliyah
Hoe I run this can you keep up?
No? Then sit down in the bleachers (hoe)
For that feti you'll get wap, then collab with John Cena
One eye you can't see us
Finger wave you can't see us
Wordplay top tier
Community wanna be us
I'll erode any fuckin rapper thinking that he's hardbody
Type to get slapped up with a dende, Weezy F Broly
Catch the fade with my barber clips
Getting long neck from ya bird she an ostrich
Got a vegetarian chick chewing my sausages
I beat it up feed her senzu beans, then second round commence
We the idols with the ideals
Thinking stacks that'll match baby's high heels
Me n da waifu fuck on money stacks
Have her conceal the heat up in her Birkin bag...
A lotta you niggas ain't even heard of that
But the way me n my team gon eat? shit'll make Kirby mad
Never gave a F all U C? K's nigga (F-U-C-K)
And ask yo momma how a villain's dick tastes nigga.

Track Name: I Am the Shooter [prod. Killing Spree]
MG in your town
And we don't fuck around
So when them shots buss, bitch you better get DOWN
Floating through the cloud with my woes
Middle fingers up to my foes
Who tf are y'all we don't know
Bout to tag some toes of John Does

All I hear is "otakus" on these Killing Spree beats
Bet your guns are cartoons and y'all rep fictional streets
I stay hurting y'all feelings and y'all stay ducking me
Like where's my collab? WHAT COLLAB? I'll Deebo this community
You a bitch
A grown man, voice full of estrogen
To end your life is my mission
And I'm sorry to the fans but but I'm not into 3-way dick stroking exhibitions
"Why make that decision?"
Cuz the dark horse shows n proves still get no mentions
Unless you're friends it makes no difference
Think about it, all the Natsu contests I never entered?
Cuz that's my nigga!!! I know I'd win before I even submitted!
But still I got fire, AGenius the villain messiah
The king of each cypher, community is calling me "sire"
Tell these niggas they ain't got no Seoul, y'all North Korea
Matter fact bitch I own your soul I'm Koenma
Shot my balls in ya bish
Cuz "bitches love cannons"
Dammit I'll Ganon
Dark antics to do damage
Cock it n Go blammin
Eat these dots you Pac-Man &
Hollow ya card it's gets graphic I'm so Gambit
All this "back back forth n forth" like Aaliyah on who the best is
I'll end the convo with a K like I don't feel like texting
Won't quit til I "seen" the check like I'm waiting on Facebook message
The guillotine got ya headless the rest of you made my breakfast
Call medics The vet is putting his dogs down the fucks a friend bitch?
Kryciz/Jinpachi roast they'll be asking you where your neck is
Crash your whip to ya knees with high speeds n Leave you leg-less
with no walker, you're watching fast n furious 7
Conceited rapper that goes ape that's Go"Hann!?!" (Gohan)
If you ain't a battle rap and anime fan bet you like "huh??"
That's the lyrical prowess y'all slept on
Like "this da rapper we'll be worshiping next huh?"
Got ya nee-San
On her knees son
In my Nissan
But she swallow that whole cuz I don't need sons
She loves the meat but her v gone (Vegan)
And AG gone
She wit me nah
But I'll still stab her in the shower wit it
A screaming Psycho everytime she Hitch cocks
Maui wow-ie
My D is her Izanagi
Pursuit of pounding punani
While you masturbate to yaoi nigguh!

(shit-talking break)

Shout out to Shiki & Kryciz
We hate each other but respect each other
But there's something that always irks me bout these mutha fuckas
Y'all make it seem like their fame is undeserved
'Cause no matter what they dicks stay in the mouths of you nerds
Fuck I look like?
Seeking approval from a dude
Who'd give a fuck if I died this very minute
Y'all give handjobs if you want to
All I'm stroking is this pistol
And it could hit you, you better get (DOWN!)
Track Name: WTF! (Chopped&Screwed) (nosticthepoet version) [prod. Natsu Fuji]
Lyrics (AGenius):
Trap house jumpin like Kintaro
Break you in half like Bolo
She a prude but she strips on my pole doe
Better not get coochie juice on my polo
Got ya baby momma sendin niggas naked photos
Heavy arms kill in 4 hits that's Goro
Get em then I sic em and I bit em like I'm Cujo
Beat a muthafucka til he blacker than Gerudos
And when I roll up, lookin so clutch, slide up all you see is suicide, Lambo 2-door
And I'm so clutch ya girl tryna bag me...
You want her back, "good luck" cuz she's Takennnn.....
And her dome on point like Raiden
Dammit I'm amazin
Damn the villain's staying
Want a captain save-a-hoe then
Get his ass a cape then
And your girl upset cuz you wack so then
I just calm her nerves if she mad again
She wet my snake, that's Leviathan
We make up crazy, no Harley Quinn
But y'all fuckin clowns,
Fuck around and get bust quick do some kegals
And my pullout game strong, ain't gon be no kids when I cock it in beast mode
Control the bars like a C.O.
Plays stay past a kilo
Cuz it's Crack Music, no Yeezy tho
While you suck more than a deep throat
They blast me then they reload
They turn you down like a veto
I'm throwed off, Uncle Rico
Get pistol whipped, that's a heat stroke

we don't need a hook just to get em hooked
got a recipe book finna leave em cooked
ssssss i don't even wanna look
i'm the king on this board and i live inside a rook
i need a powerful queen
baby got back with a capital B
i'm the kinda guy that'll fall for a dyke
just to make her turn bi then i say bye bye
metaphor you ain't gotta like me but you will
collab w @magnetictheshaman and you still won't get a dill
opportunity's window's open or i'ma break the sill
i'm not going back to ramen, boy, i'm tryna make a mil
i'm a horrible friend
i say i love you when i see you and not call you again
beat you on your back like an army of ten
greatest christian rapper ever cuz my bars are a sin
ask the L A Dub D for forgiveness
amazing grace can i get a witness
the #industrialrevolution is coming february 2nd
so let's band together send the industry a message!
Track Name: Human Harvest (feat. Shiki & King Maizy) [prod. OfficialCERT & Aqua the Abstract]
V1 (AGenius)
For you
God emcees I'm a Titan
A nigga get to biting then I turn into a giant
Might knee your girl walls too...
Then let the squad in...
Think you fly I'll pull some strings like an aberrant
Skull kid back again to show you hoes what savage is
Hungry and ravenous
Dammit I'm have a bad habit to damage your abdomen
Then Feed my daughter your flesh til she's a cabbage kid
My mixtape could kill a Bulbasaur
Put it on your open sores
Genius is a carnivore
Fuckin raw
Call the morgue
Something you ain't heard before
Something out the movie Saw
Chewing on you herbivores
Cuz you get the green
Hunger for flesh
So I'm tonguing her breast
Then consumption of chest
I am something possessed
So I wonder what's next?
Maybe coming for necks
Lay the country to rest

Human Harvest
Get it started
My dearly-departed

V2 (Shiki):
Chopped up a loli in my dream last night woke up found out it was true
No blue waffle, but her pussy all discolored, Beat her walls till they all black and blue
This was happen when a nigga thinking ecchi watching Higurashi
Collect the blood every time I pop a lolis cherry
Know these imoutos think i come off sweet and caring
Till i suck the blood from her veins, she my little Karin
They call me kami, loli messiah they prayin to me
3 k followers like a lynching, my loli army
So kamikaze, down to ride,use their bodies
fuck every orifice for a Sacrificing
And that's daily, niggas wanting collabs tell them pay me
Wit the corpse of a imouto loli cuz even in death I'm their onii nigguh


V3 (King Maizy):
What you perceive is a bluff. You've never seen murder, it seems tough, and what you believe is enough. Whenever you wanna beef, then it's luck, I've been dreaming of neck squeezing, what you believe is a fuck. One night, and you're past life, why wouldn't you wanna act right, your right to survive is your last right. Well, maybe not if you're black, but the same rights stand for the night, it's in the plans if you act hype.

Do you believe us? I got a way of taking life from the non faithful, I could be Jesus. Don't want to kill but you tease us, I can get you iced, in the bottom of the freezer with you knees up. What's a fade with the 38 General? I say the end of you, and what I say you wanna listen to. I play to finish, nigga the skill difference is pitiful. Just know to wheel to my vision is difficult, it's Maizy..
Track Name: 龍神 | Ryūjin | Side-A [prod. Music♦Memory]
No more skull kid AG the rapper eater
With a Kryciz sandwich on my plate slathering in Shiki spread
Toothpick through it of a 3rd-placer's wishbone
I threw it out first, and that's the only way you'll get ahead
The rest of you ain't worthy of a fuckin mention or digestion so I made you into pâté for my cat instead
Soon as you made the list I chopped off 16 dicks shoved up a zombie pussy to say you all are fuckin dead....
And that includes the producer
2 years of this biased nigga's bullshit
If all you wanted was a bunch of guys to stroke your "ego"
Why don't you just come out the closet and be done with it?
Why don't you get a Kryciz fan and let him suck your dick?
Afterwards grab a Shiki fan to ride the shit?
Obvious they're really good at it
And they can go long (like 3 years long) after you're flaccid
All you fans should make a public service announcement
"My name is (insert otaku here), and I'm an attention addict
And I'm in love with Killing Spree, he's the reason why I'm rapping
So I inbox him every day, he replied I'm so happy!!!"
No better than the media you're all against
Never around when we need ya but soon as drama begins
That diss gets blown up! feed flooded with comments
But disappear soon as we pour our hearts to ease your conscience
Please, Expand your conscious
Claim to never support nonsense
But you contradict
Claim Y'all hate ignorance
But bust a nut off VG and anime flips? Huh?
A bunch of toon bars that hardly mean shit? Huh?
Really I find it hilarious
A song from the heart to make you "feel" is called "weak"
But you worship us for verses we can write in our sleep?
(Arcane Skit)
I'll give you 50 shades of Gray, hit every inch, bullets the "ice make"
Your heart chill, and now you fucked that's where your story ends
I'm iced out! Got yukina's tears round my neck
It's bout to get Gonzo tarukine up in this bitch
Nigga Ugly...
(But ya girl ain't)
She saw the boy cold
So She got obsessed, that's my Juvia
And I Keep her wet, that's my Juvia
She's desperate for my attention
But I'm focused on my rivals, yea that's Juvia
Eyes bloodshot with a "Zero" tolerance for fuckery, down for destruction
You'll need 6 prayers
But none gettin answered
Run game on ya chick like Blue Pegasus members
All the girls got their titties out its like I'm living in a fairy tail
I'm Always on the kitty like a maxi (pad)
I beat that cat til it's blue, no wonder why she "Happy"
Would take all your girls but I'm married that's the past me
All you rappers tryna kill the rap god huh?
Forgot my name is Aaron/Eren huh? Ay...
You Titans will die in "my house" but ay...
Mikasa es su casa right?
But I ain't ya average Joe, I'm a star baby [Joestar]
Punchlines go "Ora Ora!..." I should've gone "Platinum"
But too busy teaching your girl Tekken
But she just grabs the stick n keeps tappin, damn
One look at the dick she can't contain her passion
Switched to her birthday suit quick, she got requip magic
Climb to the top of that tower put that coochie in a casket
Yea that girl will do bout anything for her master
We hit it while playing Guile's theme
Why? She goes with anything....
Put her in some Chun Li cosplay
And had her thighs up this whole tournamment nigga!
ΜΩΩΝ Man and I'm cussin like a Sailor [Sailor Moon, Skull Kid persona/album]
Call my pistol my Queen and I'm gon empty the whole barrel [Queen Berel]
Mask up in all black but no tuxedo [Tuxedo Mask]
This'll dis-stress your damsel but I ain't a hero
You're underground but I'm "The Major" villain for which Hellsing(s)
I do my damn thing
My dogs came all this way but won't "stand" much longer
Cuz from the gate let out a whole "Pet Shop" of birds
This is all first verse! - Lux
"Get back to work!" - Benson
This ain't no Regular Show, I'll fill your head with rounds now you Benson
("Ooohhhhhh!!" - Mordecai & Rigby)
Big rounds so yea they Pop's dome
Park it you only fake fire like Benson
("Ooohhhhhh!!" - Mordecai & Rigby)
Live like that they gon High-fives ya Ghost
Watch, you'll get 2 clips in one episode
That bird blew/blue my coons nigga? "Bingoooo!"- Rigby
SVM coming soon nigga?
Rappin like Gmakin wit him
Bombaclaut-a get these shottas, put Jamaican in him
Where's an "otaku?"
I'll skewer sushi rolls with a damn katana
Shove it down his throat, now he's has some Asian in him
And I'm Cooking these niggas like the apron wit him
And it says "Kiss the cook!" with your lady with him
So Gon head n Repost for a real nigga
Or are you Another mans hoe n mad I'm Shittin on em
Dorogon Kami
Snatch your soul from your body
Collecting homi's
And I'll End you with a K. now you're Raisi
Ok I'll end U with a K, you're a country [The UK]
I'll connect you with AK now you're Swizz Beatzz!

I'm so tired of the shit you claim
Get back on your knees, peasant, and kiss my ring
I still visit 19 graves over "19 Names"
Think 2 survived? Nah I just allowed their ghosts to remain
Matter fact y'all still caught up in my "GenΩcide" bitches
OG and the remixes
Your entry dusty no ones listening!!!
You kinda salty what's the reasoning?
You look like you got extra seasoning!!!
Crumb snatchin, throne thievin
Dare you to interfere with us eatin
Play them Hunger Games
You'll be Catching Fire
AG dissin his bros for 6 minutes?
Yea it's fuck the fam like Kevin Gates
Cuz "I don't get tired"
Spit fire like Igneel's child
Gajeel how I keep da iron
Gajeel how you eat da iron
I stay cocking back, I love doggystyle
All of y'all are pussy, Extalia
Large rounds. To your ears, you like door knockers?
It's a wrap for you, JupponGatana?
No it's a wrap for you, you Kendrick Johnson?
I'm killing you hermits and I'm a family man
I got a wife I got a daughter some accomplishments
While you work hard for a dream that's never happening
Nigga I'll end your career, this just my hobby man

So if you thought first place for you was meant to be
By about now bet you're rethinking your destiny
You want the Killing Spree crown? Gotta go through me
Wanna be anime god? Gotta go through me!!!

I got a question for you
Where's your "god" now?
Gasoline his body
Wet your "god" now
Light this match up
Flare your "god" now
Burn his ass up
Where's your "god" now?!?!?
I exhalt the man above
You exalt the one right here
This a fuckin biography
Not a mythology
Study every verse
One of them will be your hearse
I grew up in the church
So I know what is godly....
Track Name: 龍神 | Ryūjin | Side-B [prod. Killing Spree]
I know a lot of you rappers really hate me low-key
But none of you a bigger hater than that bitch Kidd Felony
Whiny ass nigga
You're embarrassing your crew
If Missing nins were Chimeras
Well That makes you Pitou
We not sure if you're a dude; you're still pussy either way
And no we ain't forget the shit you did for Shiki's birthday....https://soundcloud.com/kidd-felony/proud-of-you-onii-chan-ft-prince-darrienne-altear-ego
Swear you bitch-made, got a hard-on for your leader
Prolly run the other way next time that nigga sees ya
Ain't my fault you're only a good emcee on paper
Ain't my fault Shara will never ever ever date cha
Ain't my fault you get called more for your singing
You something worse than a Drake, and I ain't Meek you'll meet your wake
Never record, too busy jacking off to Shiki mixtapes
Prolly crying tears of joy I finally responded
You know I got chu lil bro! Everyone deems you forgotten
All that thirst disguised as shots, it's ok! I see through all it
"All I wanted was respect" - https://soundcloud.com/kidd-felony/rage-cypher-verse
So you gunning for my neck
You rap .25 times a year
And Killing Spree's ya only fan
Dissing for attention?
(We don't like them niggas!)
Sound like a bitch each time ya spittin?
(We don't like them niggas!)

Now it's about time I live up to my title of the villain
So let's go after my rival "Shiki the Senpai?" Let me get him
Now if anyone respects your rapid growth, then it's me
Too bad you had to go all pedophile for it to be
Like you really say shit like You ain't fuckin girls past age 13
You might get death penalty for what you say lyrically
But I don't even blame you my nigga
I blame the fans
Way to go. You exposed what really goes on in your heads
Like how many fap files of little girls do y'all have?
Not too loud! I'm sure soundcloud has law enforcement accounts
I know you're better than that
Your flow and delivery grew
But lost the monstrous lyricism
Bumblebee brought out of you (https://nishiki.bandcamp.com/album/ni-o-shiki)
Raping children for a living?
(We don't like them niggas!)
Dumbing your shit down for these peasants?
(We don't like them niggas!)

It's been 3 competitions and I finally get it
What's the point of being a champ if nobody respects it?
This shit like a girl who doesn't know if she's pretty so she asks Mommy
Y'all keep acting out your yaoi I got real niggas behind me
I don't want your crown
I'll let your whores have it
I don't want your fuckin beat
Let em spit they trash on it
All I want is for you to keep your word
And be consistent
You bitch about shitty mics
Unless your homies spittin
Look at the first 2 competitions!
Can't even understand him without reading lyrics!
Now he sounds crispy clear, who made that difference?
Big brother, but y'all keep snubbing me like some bitches
Now it matters?
Now you can't just
Except sub-par
You have "standards"
I see through you
Any excuse
Just give your bros a pass
And you fans just
Shut the fuck up
Cuz I know just for a fact
Kryciz been half-assing for months!
And you still lick his ass
You my nigga
You my brother
So I'm real enough to tell you
This is NOT the "Unfuckwitable" Kryciz
That I'm used to (https://soundcloud.com/agenius/unfuckwitable-danger-feat-krysiz-prod-ssbeats)
Where's the Reaper?
Where's the savage?
Know you going through some shit
So get ya ass up
Nigga channel
That to making us some classics! (https://soundcloud.com/kryciz/dopu-kryciz-x-derek-dean-prod-by-devon-thompson)
Bitch to have to
Start hiatus
At the status
This community is in
All of y'all got fuckin lazy
Bitch the ONLY time you care
Is a KS Competition
Put all of your energy
Into one bitch ass submission
To a nigga
Who'd dismiss you in an instant?
Turn his back on your ass
If you go against his niggas
Yea he's cool
I respect him
But the praise stops there
Only time I'll look up to him
Is to lift his soul in the air

I got a question for you
Where's your god now?
Gasoline his body
Wet your God now
Light this match up
Flare your God now
Burn his ass up
Where's your God now?
I exhalt the man above
You exalt the one right here
This a fuckin biography
Not a mythology
Study every verse
One of them will be your hearse
I grew up in the church
So I know what is godly...

And if you hurt I ain't mention you
Get ya name up bitch
Think you a match can't light a candle
Get ya flame up bitch
Track Name: I Gots Love (feat. Andre Elix & Mr. G) [prod. Legendary]
I gots love for my real ones
*cough cough* Representing for my ill ones
Hate all you want da money still comes
And won't stop til account got a billion
If you a fake one get from round me
SQUAHHHH got all my niggas and we ride deep

V2 (AGenius):
My niggas stay lit like the Newports
Keep the ballers in a tight circle that's the new sport
Check the stats what you worth
I don't trust a hoe ain't loyal when the money too short
Haters pussy, rip em up, baby that's a new birth
Fuck a hater, hang him, leave him tagged like a new shirt
It won't matter bout the past I'll be the benefactor
In da bowtie or da plaid n khakis
Never will you catch me nigga
Slippin put the whole state on my album like Stalley
Nigga Cali
Country nigga rolling palm trees
Up In da club screaming who do u luv like I'm YG
Best be me
No games I keep that metal slug beside me
Head shot, leave ya slumped posture looking knock kneed
Fuckin with my family
And we risin ain't no stoppin we
She said the son shine I give her Vitamin D
Cowgirl need a straddle how she ride D
But I digress
The very best
Resides out west
Why you depressed?
You shouldn't mess
You got no heart
So you won't mind these missles through ya chest
Track Name: MARVEL! (2-Man Cypher)(feat. Andre Elix) [prod. KenKen KillT iT]
AGenius' Verse:
Lowkey (Loki)...I think I'm god level
Lotta things I'd like to express
(Talk yo shit) Feel like Zola, I speak from the heart
And I'm finna' get a few things off my chest
Face it
These Rappers say they make sparks fly
Jubilee dat? Didn't think so
But even if you shake my shots son you'll still see the sky n be Angel
"Don't you know who tf I am I'm the juggernaut" of this rap shit
"Sticks and stones can break my bones" not if they're adamantium
Never let my guard so y'all swear I'll die with the SHIELD nigga man that's Coulson
But my wife is ready to assassinate if y'all try n make her a Black Widow um
Let me be Frank, Dare you to come in Hell's Kitchen with this Devil
I heard your verse I sighed twice and
Then got you sai'd twice that's Elektra
Your girl? A blind man couldn't love her weak ass, no Elektra
But mine bad, better fall back, cuz she Natchios, that's Elektra
Mask on wicked bars I ain't doom tho (SKURR!)
Got more powers than you know
Never talked about
But got a Hand involved in everything I'm Matsu'o
And You thought your girl was loyaaallll (These hoes ain't loyal - CB)
But she went Rogue
When she let me skeet that white in her hair
She hurts all she touches but me I'm Magneto
Funny she a beast on my genitals
But I never get blue balls
I Nightcrawler that pussy
I kick it I flip it I'm gone
I call her rRven cuz she cos-plays
Into what I want
Matter fact when she real don't recognize her
Shout out Dre & KG (hail hydra)
Villain team with a female owner she viper
I throw all this green up on her now she viper
I don't fuck with you weirdos in General, Stryker
She Don't what y'all do that's why I like her
Let me talk my shit it's what I do Homie
Try to get in my head so I keep the metal on me
Hit you from a Blindspot you'll never know it was me
I know KenKen's on Guard(ians) for some Galaxy bars
I been had Galaxy bars
Mad Galaxy bars!
Niggas claim they got crack
Niggas slang less than Drax
Nobodies actin like star-lord
You'll get cast quick, Chris Pratt
Who the cypher King?!?
Ask KenKen he know who it be
He'll have 50 niggas rap for 50 minutes And in the end all they talk bout is ME
You ain't fuckin wit me
Or my family
This Mad Galaxy
If Andre is Ronan
And Anna's Nebula
Then me, hmph
Guess I'm Thanos my nigga!!!
Still got racism in 2014 ain't that some shit?
Even in comics you can't see a Black Cat with a White Queen ain't that a bitch?
As if Avengers Alliance ain't been out, y'all some retarded kids
But these twin sisters spew Quicksilver to change your reality that's Scarlet Witch
(Ok he's reachin now. Fantastic)
Yea hate on brotha
Cocky ass always yellin bout how the heat's on him....
Well flame on brotha

MARVELNerdnerdcorehardcoreHip Hoprapsacramento916californiacalinorcalmad galaxyfbcfuckyocypherversefreeversefridayfreeversekenken
Track Name: Final Boss Music (feat. Anonymuz) [prod. Natsu Fuji & SSBeats]
INTRO (Ansem)

VERSE 1 (AGenius):
Kotal Kahn on the Microphone
Get me a feature when ya Wife's alone
This sniper rifle here got a scope
That'll watch da kids like a chaperone
Or maybe drive by when ya Parents home
Let it blow smooth like a Saxophone
Bitch skull kid I got hella forms
Feel an incarnation's Wrath when the Mask is on
Bad ass kid with baby face, Mithos when the fight is on
Baphomet's head drawn with a pentagram on the Pentagon
My dick long like masamune
No my dick wide like tessaiga
Eat the butt like papaya
Cookin dance in vaginas
Drink every drop inside her
Ansem, knows her darkest desires
Sith Lord bring the Darkside right out her
Fire burn to Ash I Lance rivals
I-No your favorite rappers' intant killed when I rock shows
A Testament to my flows
Justice blast I launch on my foes
Your health bar looks like your rap bars
Weak af Resistance is futile
Think it's a game? Stop! (Gamestop)
I'll put you in a box then shelf you
I'm the

Final Boss
You rappers think you runnin something
You a minion to the final boss
And bitch There's levels to this shit
Thought you could skip to the final boss?
Your girl plays with me on hard
She da cheat code for the final boss
Yo squad lacks the XP
You too weak for the

VERSE 2 (Anonymuz)


BRIDGE 1 (Ansem)

VERSE 3 (AGenius):
I am not nice
Go from bowties
To a Zhao Tai
Shoot you miles high
I will not die
Skull Kid lives
In your classmates
Fuckin with their minds
Wanna make fun
While they keep the gun
In their backpacks
That's the last time
We are NOT the one
I will fuck you up
I fuck a succubus
Drown you in her cum
Illest Villain nigga
This that drill flow
While I drill ya hoe
Play Majora's Mask
While she gimme dome
She shoots from her ankles that's my Bayonetta
I'm killing you suckers all through Castlevania
I'll eat da puss
Sip some bottled water
N make your bitch ass drink the backwash
Guns don't kill people
Being a bitch ass nigga does!

BRIDGE 2 (Ansem)

VERSE 4 (AGenius):
Fuckin fire bottom to this beat
Soundtrack to hell
I'll snatch your princess peach hit your whole squad with red shells
Drive by I aim give you shells
Making Luigi face
Leave your body floating in the swamps with this Captain K.
Onox Season Veran's Age
Spinning shells fire trays
I sucked at Sonic, each performance
Dumping rounds through every stage
Arms raised
Like a good student
Act a straight A
Metal slugs aimed
At cha frame
Through the S-n'-K (SNK)
This Cap calm (Capcom) niggas down
I'm a Tech Romancer
I'll caress her
See no Dead Rising
Thought I looked like Wesker
I'm the Evil Resident
It's evident My squad's da Dream cast
We'll do your Project Justice
Fire lyrics Write like Phoenix (Phoenix Wright)
Fuck you bitches
Critically acclaimed
Lyrically ordained
Rappers claim they cool as a freezer (Frieza)
But da King Colder
All the cosplay girls twerk
Haters put em in the dirt
Been a boss since birth
You on Yoshi's Island
Baby, bowser fighting (Baby Bowser)
With the genes of Titans (AOT)
I'm a
Final Boss....