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Dark side of the Moon.

Beats are crazy. The Challenge (for myself) was to keep up with them. Except "Sage" (That's all you KenKen). Lol.

But this project expresses my villainous, scary movie-loving, vampires, werewolves, monsters, death-obsessed side. I had to give it a name, so I did. Skull Kid.

The actual MoonShooter project is next. Promise.

Thank you for listening,

- AG.


released February 3, 2014

Much love to all who helped make this project!
Raisi K.
Natsu Fuji
KenKen KillT iT

Guest Artists:
Mr. G
Andre Elix
Subliminal Kin
Anna Oakley
Manic Elite

Mad Galaxy Management:
Angelica Grace
Bounder Broner

All tracks mixed/mastered by AGenius.




all rights reserved


AGenius Sacramento, California

Just a little man with big ambition. Mottos: 1) Everything pristine. 2) Kill all things with a tempo.

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Track Name: Skull Kid / Intro [prod. JairtheShadow]
I put this on n make magic....
Hit the booth n wreak havoc...
But I'm STILL anonymous...
I know. Ain't that ish kinda tragic?
In school I take my tests
Do all of my homework
Still No one round here knows that I rap
Popular emcee? Nah, Still a Loner
Thought my 'conflicted' phase was over
Still have moments I don't know who I am anymore
I figure if I have enough alter egos
I can cover every base be impossible to ignore
But I haven't felt like myself in so long...
Like myself in so long...
I just know in here I feel the most strong
Wit a face that ain't my own is it really That wrong?
If I can get you through a song
Where my speech couldn't reach?
If you can listen to my anger, feel the same, and release?
Everything the world ignores, for a second, and be free?
Are they still lies if the words paint pictures you can really see?
Is our fiction really that different...
from what we call reality?
And is a kid here really lost if this the one place he feels free?
Let him be...
Ironic when I'm supposed to be the realest
And say all about me most revealing
Is the time I have this mask on...
Only when I have this mask on?
F*ck it let the whole world feel my wrath, my pain and frustration
I never was accepted, and for that I hate em
"Conflicted" is an understatement...
I Guess I'm the skull kid
A boy with many faces
Bet if I looked in the mirror
Won't recognize who that face is
Mind been to Places
That'll make the City of God look like a haven
Gained my notoriety
Playing more characters than kids in a halloween mask shop...
So It leaves me one question...
Will they still love me if I take the mask off?

Track Name: Sinister (BTH Tribute) [prod. KenKen KillT iT]
And the reaper says welcome to hell!
Wake up each day in the purge every muthafckin man for himself
No this ain't a movie fuck what you heard
If You ain't from here keep yo ass in the 'burbs
City full of murda, front door wit da blood of a first born
Crimes committed that you never heard of
Want it we gon serve em
Mother beggin a nigga not to hurt em
Send you down to Hades wit da burners
Here the block is hot but these killers hearts are froze
Bake a nigga bake a nigga just to get the dough
Hit em wit da heat, he bitching bout the world is cold
Hang him next to shoes off a telephone pole
Do conniving shit the hood is sick of being poor
Baby need some diapers best believe I'm taking yours
Every other corner broken bottles, boarded houses corner stores
Decorated with graffiti and a corpse

Futile to pray for the Forsaken
Heaven losing occupants mortals fighting for their satan
Evil see, evil do
They cross me, evil's due
If They even crossed the Christ
What makes you think evil won't come to you?

What a world, what a world we're living in, Sinister
What a fcked up world we living in, Sinister
Where The Lord lets us drown deep in our sin, no Minister
See the tears of Mary Magdeline...Sinister

Welcome to the danger zone
Where the demons have the Crown
And lake of fire lies the throne
Satan everywhere we've gone but
This is where he shows his horns
And by our savior we've been disowned

Damn my homie dead
The caps peeled open his Head
No answers to our prayers
Except the gods of Revenge
Pop pop give em shots out da double glock pop
Now he got what he deserve
Stop stop what da preacher said
This da game though that's how you play it
Knock knock on the devil's door
Creepin wit the mask on
But you can feel the pain n Frown
From losing one of their own
We gon make em take a loss
Didn't wanna do it to him
But we had to get him gone
In these streets it's certain laws
Nigga hop up in the car
Roll up at that nigga house
Bullets piercing through da walls
Shoot his seat like fuck yo couch
Them bullets ring loud
Like another sad song
Soundtrack of hurting souls
Take one of mine we takin yours
Next thing a nigga known
Medics found him in his home
With a bullet in his dome
Hit him and the chick he bone
Nother death to atone
Nother mom without a son
Where Kids used to play n roam
Now the hood a ghost town
Pallbearers they surround
Purity upon their palms
Lift the casket from the mound
Then they laid his body down
6 feet under the ground
Momma steady breaking down
Usher tell the crowd be calm
Put the mother in his arms
Try to comfort all ya folks
Not one dry eye in the house
Listen close you'll hear the sounds
Of the angels' somber psalms
Why'd ya have to take him Lord?
Just another nigga gone
Moments later world goes on
Like ain't a damn thing went wrong.
And ain't no open casket shawty
Doctor Couldn't recognize his body
Pour a lil liquor down for this homie
Damn n I'm gonna miss everybody

Track Name: GenΩcide (Non-Diss version) [prod. Killing Spree]
I'm feeling like I was crafted by Tetsuya
Unsheath my Masamune how deadly are my Maneuvers
Best get off my stage or it's curtains when i pursue ya
It behooves ya losers to move cuz these devil beams burn through ya I'm Kazuya
Finna be Getting drunk on rappers' redrum redrum (Murda!)
I be sipping on you niggas' redrum redrum (Rrrrrrragh!)
Smoking ya ashes drinkin redrum redrum (Murda!)
Fuckin (wit) the reaper I hear your death come death come

On the toilet writing lyrics
So I'm shitting while I'm shitting nugga!
*flush* Your writtens make for better TP than for spitting
No apologies needed I can clearly tell you're sorry
It's a wash so I'll just BAR you to death n call this a blanket party
Look at this ass, talkin all that shit, you dare to hate
Then it's English class, I come through he change his tune, taught em to paraphrase
I've been mentally deranged since a little age
Work wit Devil in my brains I'm a Mental slave
Never knew what direction that I'd ever take
Took the socio-path Put em in a grave
But Can I give ya something other than
Anime references?
Just to show I'm Definite
Step it up, my Brethren
I'm the black Eminem
You the black Federline
Not many who's better-than
Never mind fuck comparisons
Spittin' like Sylvester
Ferocious competitor
Shooting hollows at ya instrumentals busting temples
Prince of Sacramento
Wack rapper Predator
My pack is full of wolves we'll chew ya flesh Down to skeletal

Here it comes
The Genocide
It fades to black
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
You rappers bugging
Here's the Raid, Insecticide
Ingest your organs
Your flesh inside
I Feel so energized
To end your lives
Digest your lies
Said you were the truth
You Colin Farrell
I'm more like Clark when I hit the booth
I Victimize
Then pulverize
Bless you with your demise
It must be torture to have such basic rhymes...

(Killer Cafe, table for 14!)
U niggas better have your team of ghost writers ready
Cuz I will shred thee, precision so steady, with my machete
These lyrics flesh-eat; You dream of being this deadly? I'm Freddy
Spit loads like semis then daddy just Left you sonn(ed) on this dead-beat
Chemically, Bismuth Technitum & Hydrogen (Bi Tc H) your main Components
Where's my opponent?
I load it n *boom* now where's my opponent?
Hush that commotion I got these rappers feeling some type emotions
Got game no tokens
Conform to act hard then this your corrosion
(Your can of whoop-ass is open)
Boi you see I'm so focused
My focals won't miss
It's over now nigga You had your moment
Your flow is broken, I'm Moses
And you're all walkin in denial (the Nile)
Then that flow close in you soak in
(I'll Let that marinate for a while)
And if hip-hop's the trial
I'm the judge n the jury
For your treason Perjury
I'm Executing ya early
Damn I'm doin y'all dirty
See how this beat just got buried?
I see your faces, you're worried
Back to square one in a hurry
Such a fly beast, that's a given
(No, actually, that's a griffin)
Killing wit writtens but off the dome I really shine now I'm Krillin
And It don't make a difference
You can die now a hero
Or live to be fellow villains
But neither without my permission


Here come the calls for features
Pleasure to meet cha
I'm da nicest guy in person but far as bars
Even my moms can get this Ether
Here to Detroit can get Piston (pissed-on) by my over active urethra
Best protect ya neck cause for the checks I'll disrespect Aretha
Don't need the chains my soul is shining and that's being modest
Lotta wannabe black diamonds, hey, just being onyx
And if there's anything that battle rap has taught me
If it's "Bars over everything," they better be godly…
(Now I'm just rambling, haha)
Passion's a double edged sword
So I never take that leap of faith without a bungee cord
I see your biting ass, You'll quote these scriptures like they're yours
Give your ears infinite blessings but will they thank the lord?
Why your style, we can't endorse, and you'll never be acknowledged
These rappers are so broke they can't even afford to pay homage
You lowly little lames, I hope I strike a nerve, I love it
You could give all the Superfriends handjobs and still can't do a beat Justice
You don't want no static
Could get hella tragic
All this wackness I done had it
Load up the Automatics
Come step in the scope of a Lyrical assassin
*shot* brains splattering *shot* organs scattering
Your fam won't know what happened...
Nowhere to hide…
I see the fear in your eyes…
Say your prayers & meet your demise
Track Name: (Eye)dols (feat. Mr. G) [prod. KenKen KillT iT]
Second "Single" for The MΩΩN. This features my brudda Mr. G and is my first solo collaboration with producer KenKen! First of many. Enjoy.


Lyrically I feel like brotha lynch
Mind sick , I'd get my brother lynched
these days I'm on some other shit, put all y'all 6 feet under shit
You no fuck wit this, push bars on creatine, cuts give your skull ravines
Choppin heads off rappers who keep mispronouncing guillotine
Snakes to ya mother's scalp, now they call, her Medusa
Stuff ya heart, in the juicer
Other parts, to manure
Eat ya flesh, (Mmm) seconds in breach of your depth
Don't Reach for that vest, bullets have already seeped into ya chest


Death to competition rip to our rivals
Terror to your city genocide on arrival
Praise my revelation only key to survival
Bars on god mode, bow to your American Eyedols

Look in my eyes
As I orchestrate your demise
Bound to my torture device
None of you guys
Even prayed before you die
Must not take value in life
The building reeks of Homicide
This scene could get me Ostracized
All the nauseous hide
Vomit upon the sight
Of skinless Body types
Step in like it's Contra 5
Bigger bang than when stars collide
Take ya chick get all inside
Her fishes got Piranha bite
You niggas fake
My fists don't discriminate if bitches hate you'll be up in the building mean glaring wit Rihanna's eyes
No I don't hit women that's a play on you men in the building cuz most of you niggas is broads
Punches and punches they puncture to add some mandibular fossas to ya fuckin jaw
You lack any balls
Claim you beast but you lion so I had to you leave you wit a scar
Choppin ya body like Mr. G chops instrumentals chop-chop-chop like cerebral pals
Rip it n zip him up KenKen done killed it again on some sinister something bizzare
Blood on our palms
Flip em inside out n then skin em n stuff his organs in a jar
Leave em looking like Alonzo wit all of them hollows in him n the side of his car
Back back my nigga I thought you would figure you'd get burned Tryna to get close to a star


V3 (Mr. G)
i look up to nobody but no lookin down
chop it up like a chef so guess who kookin now
you dont want no beef thats some bull like a cow
i just wanna ball im under your brow
let me teach you how-welkome you to danger
show you some anger-drama branger-
you biodegraded-once your initiated-in my elimation chamber-
the mangler-i rip it to pieces right as soom ad fhe beast releases
you pissed kuz kicked the dopest of feces-
murder them all wit my brotha agenius
you thought that had it but naw we not having it
kut off yo hands aint no way you can handle it
stick to myself kuz these ppl so dcandaloud
sac to dallas its the king and the maverick
your girl on my foit long like we makin sandwiches
you know she gone eat it, and im finna beat it, skeet it and leave it, wrap it up tight kuz i kant leave my seed in-obvioud reasons
she not havin my baby-that ho she was krazy-ironic ahe swallow mu babys like krazy-hit it dismiss it and get the next lady
i never been runnin cept off at the mouth
anybodybthat know me know what im about
smokin on cookies but we aint bo scouts
you stay in yo house and never kome out
ans thats thw main reason you runnin yo mouth
whispsr about mr but never do shout
talk to the pigs then we kut out yo snout
wet em all up if we up in the drought


Track Name: Roman Wine, Venetian Grapes (Andre Elix's Interlude) [prod. Raisi K.]

I swear niggas ain't shit watch me go and kill em all/I'ma bang the steel you gone need some Tylenol for these headshots/when I get to snapping off the wall send your soul up North and I watch ya body fall/use the yappa as a stilt I'm like 7ft tall/dragon ill murder you ain't gotta get involved/just do me this one thing when I rid him of his brain/find a genius way to get a nigga fingerprints off/man they know I'm from the east where the drama pop of/talking down on my crew will get ya momma knocked off/I'ma problem by far,I'll put that cold steel to ya neck,you woulda swore Tomas's had a hater mark/I'ma animal,Hannibal Lector, pussy niggas always sweating that sweet nectar/know if I smell fear yeah I'ma press ya,make the homies come and smoke ya now that's peer pressure/dog ima psycho man it's like 3 niggas in me ima combination of Freddy, Jason and the Slender/make you run all that shit watch the pistol depend ya/hollow tips take ya life when them bullets get In ya/let the crew take ya broad watch the goonies get in her/ima bad motherfucker hope my views do offend ya/street sweeper down ya block with the chop out the window/masked up all black when I pop at you bitches/my god,why these niggas gotta try god/ no I don't wanna have to do it but they make king me prove it/ so then I lose it and I make em meet god or the devil, and that's me unholy I move creep/lay a nigga down 6ft deep,the dark side where insomniacs don't sleep you worst nightmare is my best dream
Track Name: Reapers (feat. Krysiz) [prod. Uriah]
V1 (AGenius)
I ain't ever wish death on anybody but these rappers
Broke ass, no class, fuck these rappers
Send Fleece Johnson ya address to look up these rappers
Twerk team on my hip, click, clappers clappers
I got the perfect cap for ya dome I'm da mad hatter
Put the pump to ya ass make ya Nicki Minaj
Grip 2 big black butts like a ménage wit Minaj
Black butts to ya face you'll wish it's Nicki Minaj
I caress that trigger like nuru massage
Better not Run that mouth slut
Because I hold a grudge that'll have CSI compare you to Yōko.
Don't know what Ju-on, nigga
Grab the mic in my house is betrayal
I'm liable to go Takeo
Keep sleepin, hollows make you ichibad
Uchiha n Genius leave this place looking like when Shanyu comes
You like music nigga? Well Frank Lucas nigga
Slam yo head in da piano til blood oozes nigga

Black hoodies
Black face
Black gloves
Bloody scythe
Sent you back to the man above
Beg n plead
For yo life I don't give a fuck
Trick or treat
We at cha door lift ya spirits up
Mo Murda Mo Murda (Reapers!) X3

V2 (Krysiz)
Astro nigga i go harder than a metapod that just used harden about 7 times fishing in yo bitch yea she say i got that super rod using extrasensory just so i can trap yo mind i dont trap drugs my nigga i trap cards stack a million bodies so i can proceed to burn them all scent of roasting flesh hanging corpses all across the land bout to get gruesome like a episode gantz feeling im in heaven this a deadman wonderland blood paved streets man eating trees hazel eyed insomniac part schizophrenic sword at my wrist kissin sonya blade like a niggas gotta death wish emo uchiha in asylums strait jackets padded walls remove all of the chairs because Krysiz said that he fallin off im nodding off from self inflicted decapitation im not a head at all funny cuz im a head of all ya'll nigga

V3 (AGenius)
Basement full of ratchets like a Lil Debbie vid
And ain't no repentance for the shit we did
If $ ain't the subject, meet ya predicate
My chick can instant kill you in ya sleep, nigga I'm testament
And my boys n these hoods Ain't into fckin movies
But we can make ya whole squad act out that scene wit Ricky
Lil mama bad she can taste my Blade then
I suck n bite on her now she's Sanaa Lathan
Run up on me you funny, brave nigga got Kevin Hart
But The heat from these hollows will leave Kevin Bakin
And we don't need Travolta in a Cage to put you up in Death Row give you and ya homie a face lift
Causing a Krysiz wit Riko
They say he sound like Gambino
You say that we ain't unique hoe?
Yo whip that scene from Casino
They say that we're just souls and just borrow the body
Time to give that shit back, say hi to Allah for me
Track Name: Divine Intervention [prod. Raisi K.] / Lost Woods Interlude
You think I'm gone huh? Off that purple
Drugs don't induce this sinful brain
Bitch I'm all sober you ain't know bruh? I'm deranged I'm cocaine
I'm so demented I just shitted
On the pastor's collection plate
Said if you want this 10 percent
Get 100 of what I just ate
It feels so bad to be good I'm disgusted with angels
Catch me at the pearly gates nigga robbing they halos
Fuck two women in my armor, I think that I'm Kratos
Leonidas I make a wall out the corpses of ya kinfolk
Bodies on top of bodies up on top of bodies on the top of bodies
Shout out to DJ Screw and swishahouse as I'm screwin ya bee n slow Choppin yo knees
Don't give a fuck if you cuz or piru
Mob or a king cuz maroon is the color you bleed
Thought you had homies but the moment they see the torture I will bring all your potnas will leave
Then maybe later they can Pour a lil liquor for this lil hood nigga & all his hoop dreams
The closest he'll ever be to that dude Jordan is he died in some J's at what age? 23
No sympathy I do not give a fuck if your mother will weep you can beg you can plead
Fuck you nobody can save you time to meet your maker say a prayer the last moments you breathe
Skull Kid

When these demons come in God is my witness
You gon need divine intervention
When I spark this heat up in ya kitchen
You gon need divine intervention
When your wifey body come up missing
You gon need divine intervention
To find all the pieces of your children
You gon need divine intervention

Must be the Capitol's One these chicks wanna know what's in my Wallet
Now it's wack rapper season I got your heads on the market
On my juicy j flow but you know that I'm good without it
You ain't slayin no Dragon my nigga you ain't the hobbit
Shout to the Hydra Andre Elix & KG
Got East & South Sac niggas that dispose of bodies
Tell you what, this clip spit, make you religious, leave yo wig split, on some trill shit
This is illness wicked vicious lickin dishes of your devoured livers
Brain dissector
Give ya kids a lecture
From Hannibal lecter
Put Pressure
On every vessel
Then let you fester
Break ya lady's legs since she is clearly into lames
Let you play hide n seek with Jigsaw
Since you think it's a fucking game
Hands up? Closer to Jesus
On ya knees ya closer to Devil
Words cannot describe your due torture, nothing in Webster
Nigga Don't confuse my hunger for flesh wit success
I'm literally out here looking for a rapper to digest


Track Name: Transylvanians (IntheDark Part 1&2) (feat. Subliminal Kin) [prod. Raisi K.]

VERSE (AGenius)
I'm a Daywalker pull the Blade in the night
Lets see how many leeches live under these ultraviolet lights
Can't stand these bloodsuckers
When get the mic call me Wesley Snipes
Killin all these vampires
We already walking dead what's it to take yo life?
Now tell me what you desire
Droppin f bombs like Deacon Frost
Fuckin blood raves from the fuckin grave
To the night I'm a fuckin slave he's so lost
She knows my heart is cold in this
Hedonistic masterpiece, written by Bram Stoker
Transylvanian party scene,
so much I wanna show her
I gave her Exposure
Soon as I Approach her
Sink my teeth into her
Make her just as soulless
Dance on me slow motion
Come give your devotion
Come sip on this potion
Give into emotions
Those niggas be posing
They ain't really monsters
They're scared of the dark
Softer than toddlers
She comes to my hostel
To get a lil hostile
She rides on big poppa
Hair swing like a rasta
Tonight I'm a Howler
Got my Wolfgang
We Lycans
It's flesh that we hunger
If not then we zombies
It's brains that we after
Subliminal Art
From some Lyrical authors
This ain't twilight
Mortal spare me the drama
And the fckin soap opera
Lest a phantom is in it
Take a step into darkness
Let a monster dive in it
mask off....
In the mirror
She says my name 3x when I get it

This right here a banger x2
C-c-c-Cut the lights out turn this club to Transylvania
I ain't but a stranger
But she treat me like I'm famous
We dance like fornicators
I taste her with my fangs out
Freaks come out at night
I see that you're my type
The way you glow in neon lights
One night with me can change ya life
Don't believe the hype
You see that I'm that nigga
You wanna live forever
Come with me to Transylvania

I'm a different kind of creature In the Dark



VERSE 1 (Subliminal Kin)
It's outlandish where we standing/
Beasts come out at night/
We're Dracula not Jordan -with/
The way we taking flight
Everyone has left -so/
You know we feeling right/
We all know what's up -so/
Damn right it goes down/
Our minds stimulated/
Enhanced by the sound/
Mad walks of life -but/
This's common ground/
You don't ever need no molly/
If we gonna go and party/
In the trasylvania lobby/
This never was a hobby/
It's life/
Bass in my body/
The thumps like a shotty
The way we go and party/
Looking at the crowd -and/
You know that they got started/
Reality has long since departed/
We beasts/
And the nights been bombarded/
We''ve been put in a trance/
The dance floors our target/
The daylight is mos Def./
farthest Thing on my mind/
Ain't no one in here/
Tryna worry bout they grind/
Ain't no one here tryna/
Keep track of the time/
Everyone here tryna/
run through the night/
To be visual and lyrical/
Dubbing all the residuals/
Performing for the common wealth/
Dubbing rich individuals/
The right vibes in the night time/
Makes it so good for this limelight/
These things are too real/
The touch of your skin/
Matching my wavy feel/
Eyes closed/
Beat is moving me I suppose/
Take a nice dime home/
Practice up on my strokes/
That's later not now/
Hittem with the boom pow/
Dancing the wild style/
Shuffling causing wowz/
Stomping hard on the ground/
The person right next to me/
Started popping they ecstasy/
That explains why/
This dude is standing erect my g/


VERSE 2 (AGenius)
And it's death to Van Helsing
Hear the angels in Hell sing
My reign witches melting
More Ghastly than well rings
When the moon shines does something to ya
Girls all round me like Dracula
Hope you're wet I got strong thirst for ya
Marinate your flesh got hunger for ya
I always feel like somebody's watching meeee...
And I have (Rockwell sample)
Club feeling like Umbrella corp
Pull my beast out, it's big like Nemesis
Penetrate hit higher notes than Heaven is my infectious ways impress ya?
Black coat, black shades, quick moves, spit game, nowadays I feel like Wesker
Fresh to I just came out of the grave girl
Leave this place with me your life will never be the same girl
I just want your brain girl....
Your brain girl...
Welcome to my world now aren't you glad you came girl?
Freaks come out at night
Momma said freaks come out at night
Look in my eyes n see why
Momma always warned you to stay inside....

Track Name: Lycans (feat. nosticthepoet) [prod. Natsu Fuji]
VERSE 1 (AGenius)
I'll occupy your *meow* if it's vacant
Ironically she sucks me n turns team Jacob
Ocean deep in that beach that's Vacation
Commercialized dick product placement
She on the top floor, drop it to da Basement
Lookin for a Minzy to Sink ya fangs in
Best she 2ne1 or her team can see L's (CL) why (why?)
Cuz Natsu Fuji luv them Asians
But me? I got my queen wit me
Couple beasts wit me yea that's the Team wit me
Getting green paper, you gettin Green envy
You came here wit cha girl n left the scene empty *kanye shrug*
Imma beast under moonlight
Sex on da balcony I beast under moonlight
Committing sins in her city wit my blade, call her Miho
Slurp slurp no utensil get her wetter than miso
Now I Got other rappers doin the howl ooooo
It's used to be all bout trees now it's da bark ooooo
Shout out KG the (eye)dol bars on god mode
But Me n Nostic the other Ultra Combo
Should've called this track (Saber)wulves
Parentheses n all
Fuck ya words and sticks n stones
Adamantium on my bones
Starter wit the letterman
Arm on a PYT by the end of this Thriller man
my freshmen Kill veterans
Nostic's album is comin man
LGOE the Acronym
Mad Galaxy the end of them
You think that all I talk is death n reference scary movies
But if you understand the depth you'll say these lyrics move me
Nowadays to be the best ain't nothing but a duty
Cuz if I give anything less I ain't shit to these newbies
But if each single is a classic it's what I'm supposed to do
If you're in charge, you're expected to make the power moves
Can you project that? Or is it overhead...
Well here's some Migos, that remedial rap instead....

LGOE, that's the wolfpack
LGOE, that's the wolfpack
LGOE, that's the wolfpack
Niggas wanna push me, I'mma push back
Told ya, the freaks come out at night
Better keep yo ass inside, you ain't bout that life
LGOE, that's the wolfpack
LGOE, that's the wolfpack
LGOE, that's the wolfpack
Niggas wanna push me, I'mma push back

VERSE 2 (nosticthepoet)
i'm your worst nightmare, makin art when you sleep
w a tongue sharp enough to strip the bark from a tree
/DANG/ criss angel with a card up a sleeve
AG + Nostic, of course it's hard to believe (4)
/OH GOD/ no but i'm painting a bigger picture
every single verse i write is another forbidden scripture
i'd say a psalm then you'll mark me w a halo
everybody else prolly shouldn't quit their day job (8)
i'm the greatest rapper ever, i'm completely serious.
[ain't nobody better] they've just got some more experience.
or more exposure to the ppl missin all the wolf tunes
[but i'm a lycan homie] i don't even need a /full moon/ (12)
for damage and rage / i'm crack and deranged [GENIUS]
leave the beat lookin like a body ravaged w AIDS
too good to be true so we staying underrated
i'm a life guard reppin wolf gang amadeus (16)
it's the wordsmith
say i'm talented but you've barely scratched the surface
listen to me. [doctor's orders] yo, i promise that it's worth it
i'm going yam cuz i squash beets when i turnip (20)
you the jealous rootbeggas and i'm sure that pen inks
lyrical pure gold and you're poorer than tink tink
19 bars in and i've only just begun
nostic is the poet /but i'm not the only one (24)
roaming across the radio seeking beats to devour
i'm the devil of the treble so you know i got the power
to make any family feud like mister hightower
high power 3's up and you know it's my hour (28)
copy that 10-4, ask me why i do this for?
forget a halo, you get more ladies with a pitchfork
think i'm lying ask poseidon if a trident suits you/
devil, in the name of jesus /POET/ i rebuke you (32)
halelujah thank you lord /don't know what you're thanking for/
he gave me all my talent alrite /okay i'm just making sure/
i'd prolly cast you out, but i know we'll still be fightin
deep down, everybody's gotta fight their inner lycan (36)
/fight their inner lycan?/ i ain't gon let you stay
every time i go to church make me feel some type of way
maybe i'll win /no/ but it's a lot of fun
cuz nostic is the poet, but he's not the only one

Track Name: #Shecangetit (w/ Feelin' You Outerlude) [prod. Raisi K.]
Girl when u show off that body
Straight Bring the dog right up out me
Straight Salivate like I'm hungry
Straight eat that cat like I'm chinese
Ok that's racist forgive me
Mind if I get a lil naughty?
Throw some this cream in ya coffee
Beat it up like I'm rocky
Then Switch it up n Assault me
Between the sheets just exhaust me
Make more moves under wraps than the illuminati
Got me buying you Versace
Chanel Roberto Cavali
Straight goin Jaws in that Watch Me
Tear it up like I got Shark teeth
Touchin n kissin n Freakin
Moanin n screamin bed squeakin
My favorite drug that I'm chiefin
Too long without it I'm tweakin
Got me Fiendin so indecent
Through the evenin got chu geekin
It's a good day, go so deep this
Jimmy crowbar got you Sleepin
Like Raisi beats I'm a Savage
A monstar on this mattress
This yo audition no actress
hope you don't mind all these cameras
Now take that skirt off
Bra n panties my shirt off
Yea she calls me jerk off
But never lets me jerk off

I told that chick if she wit it then she can git it
Put on some UGK told that girl "Let Me See It"
I told that chick if she wit it then she can git it
Keep the lights on, wanna peep that thang while I hit it

You lookin right
That coochie tight
Tattoo my name on that by the end of the night
We fuss n fight
But that's aight
F*ck my frustrations out to the end of the night




(Watch these rap niggas get all up in yo guts
All up in yo guts) - Method Man sample

One time for ya mind now
Much as I'm diggin ya I gotta make u Mine now
Picture us in my timeline, click the "Like" now
Then like a retired plumber I lay da pipe down
No Tamia... But I'm so Into you
Nobody else got me doin what I'm Finna do
Last dollar, got the ticket just to send for you
You outta sight so like Braille I gotta be feeling you

Moved to the dub to get way from her X that's Y she's wit me
She changed the locks of her heart had a key made for me
Maybe one day I'll have you put on this ring for me
But for now just know I'm feelin you, you feelin me.
Track Name: You Are Not Worthy (Remix) (feat. Anna Oakley) [prod. Raisi K.]
ANNA OAKLEY VERSE (did not get lyrics, sorry!)

You. Are not. Worthy. NIGGA! (x4)
And To god be the glory
And the lyrical prophets before me
Niggas test me like they're Maury
Now they're evening news stories
You Are Not Worthy, NIGGA! (x2)

Shout out to Xuice Hades*
This for you nigga
A couple Sac niggas gon hate me
Chu gon do nigga?
Not a damn thing, surprising?
Should wet em up wit this iron
these ladies soaked wit desiring
& These flows make me Poseidon
Fuck you I own the horizon
But Since you believe in grinding
I'll Dust up ya dreams, and snort up your silver lining
Every star you wish upon is a black dwarf by the time you see it
But if somehow yo ass could reach it
You'd be where mad galaxy is
Ahead you niggas by lightyears
You will die Here
Eat cha heart out ya chest b4 you can type "fear"
Internet thugs
I wonder sometimes is intelligent life here?...guess not
Then I guess you won't mind this lightning strike, no beer I Shock Tops
Lately? I feel I've been too nice
Y'all really think y'all really fuckin wit me
And these rappers are broke af no point in saying "fuck you, pay me"
So Save your collab requests
You are but peasants in this era
Hoes Save your flatter attempts,
I already have found my Hera
At the pedestal I am home
But got lonely so I suppose
I'll Watch 2 wack emcees battle for my non-attainable throne
Some groupies do my dishes, polish my crown, untie my robe
Then clean up the royal penis
In my not so humble abode
I am not Jehovah
You can't question my damn existence
One witness of these here lyrics
Make atheists AG-istic
Bars on god mode
Chillin on mt Olympus
Mortals writing my scriptures
Reciting them to they niggas

Track Name: DAY 2: The Madmen (feat. Manic) [prod. Natsu Fuji]
V1 (MaNiC)
Its that Lyrical gamma bomb no relation to
Bound of rage so im never phased from asura's
building skelektons in closket opon my mine
laying in a bed with two chicks that i
smashed out
two different personalities only one getting to
lash out
Stay enrage you cant generalize this
no means to
confuse ya
Im the best in the world and you a fucking
leaving no room for a
Its a
Chokeslam you into a tombstone and you rest in piece in a
Ha Im such a nerd yet i get bullied for
So i've always stay alone to hide away from the
that i have friends Most came there mutants for my
only to befriend me and never mentally getting
Its to the point i cant trust a single
Im to Manic now that anyone step close i get the sudden
Temptation to go

CHORUS out of my mind now your thoughts on my plate so I dine
I....a monster wit bars so I grind I do this all the time
Forgot all my meds if you cross me you dead Rip your flesh nigga your soul is mine
Straight jackets in da booth (woof)
Natsu Natsu let em loose...(woof)
Thought they told you bout the madmen… (x4)

V2 (AGenius)
Manic x Skull Kid nigga what's up
Hang heads on our walls to get our bucks up
Tap ya girl like she's goose, better duck duck
When head shots come like you gettin fucked up
Mammoth wit the bars come wit tusks up
Cuz we do body counts by the dump truck
The sweetest gestures couldn't touch us
You ain't fuckin wil LG nigga trust us
Needle wit the probe if ya stuck up get cha butt-fucked, colonoscopy
Rub ya lady down with ya dust bruh
Am I nuts, bruh? Quite possibly
Still sleepin on me? Find da nearest bridge n jump off
Bring ya girl around me, turn that bitch to a jump off
Fck her good n jump off
She scratch me up wit her claws
Semen all in her jaws
Spend the night wit no draws
Rappers claim they are rivals
We in different leagues you want rivals?
Even if your project's justice you're not rivals
Just cuz you get schooled don't make you our rivals
Skull kid in this hoe puttin
Tags on these rappers' toes
And as far as any my foes
I crash the moon in all those
Dragon n Manic bring Manic depression
Feel so invigorated when I'm out Killin
It's so much more fuckin fun to be a villain
Sell your life short that's limited edition
Did I mention that