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    This is the 2nd project of AGenius' portrayal of the villainous "Skull Kid" persona, a 2-disc album, structurally inspired by old-school hip-hop albums (filled with skits & excerpts), Justin Timberlake's discography (2 tracks-in-one), and Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" (long tracks, extremely feature-heavy, producer collaborations, off-the-wall engineering, and displaying artistic themes).

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This is the 2nd project of AGenius' portrayal of the villainous "Skull Kid" persona, a 2-disc album, structurally inspired by old-school hip-hop albums (filled with skits & excerpts), Justin Timberlake's discography (2 tracks-in-one), and Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" (long tracks, extremely feature-heavy, producer collaborations, off-the-wall engineering, and displaying artistic themes).

Album Info:
This, being the sequel to ΤΗΕ ΜΩΩΝ, is at a point to where Skull Kid has now accepted he (and the rest of the world for that matter) is evil, and there's no helping it.

There is little to no conscience left as he chooses to embrace his vengeful malice rather than fight it, and even have FUN doing so...Or is he?
This album lays out that rampage, while raising the question: Has the mask fully taken over by force, or did Skull Kid want this all along, and needed a catalyst to activate his vengeance for a life of torture?

Second, this album is VERY feature-heavy, supporting the "world is evil too" theme. No one is any better than he as it was so easy to drive others to join his rampage. Some you expected to join, others not so much. They're all here.

Third, while this is not as experimental as ΜΩΩΝ Ι, there are songs throughout adding variety to the subject matter (inner thoughts while on the rampage). Maintained though, for the most part, is the perspective: lack of compassion.

Lastly, this sequel is twisted but not quite as dark/emo; Skull Kid actually enjoys what he's become now since finding the mask.

Legend of Zelda themes are kept to a minimum again, on purpose. References are made, but remember this is more AGenius using a character/persona to vent, rather than some sort of hip-hop cosplay.

Sub-genres included: Hardcore Hip-Hop, Nerdcore, Gangsta, Battle, Conscious, Club/party, Southern Hip-Hop, Chopped & Screwed, Lyrical, Punchline, Comedy.

AGenius x Mad Galaxy


released October 27, 2014

- Executive Producers: Aaron "AGenius" Grace & Angelica Grace of The Mad Galaxy
- All songs Mixed & Mastered by AGenius
- Cover Art by AGenius, Angelica Grace, & Davey Mignott.

Featured artists and producers are credited in respective track title.

2014. The Mad Galaxy.



all rights reserved


AGenius Sacramento, California

Just a little man with big ambition. Mottos: 1) Everything pristine. 2) Kill all things with a tempo.

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Track Name: Before the Mask & MG the Triforce (Double Intro) [prod. SlyBeats, MC Stlys & Louis-Pierre Beats]

I Bet you gon hear me now
Reminiscing on the days
Growing up when that kid on that swing
Kicked me in the stomach
Lost wind broken ribs in the playground
If he saw me today what would that nigga try to say now?
Prolly find another foolish way to hate now
Try to kick me in a figurative way now
Silly mu'fckas ha y'all thought I would stay down?
Thinkin I'd lose all my hope and my faith, how?
When it comes to rhymes I bus more than a Greyhound
Even if the game more screwed than all of H-town
Still settin Blaze, stats raised, get that cake how
You rappers look like meals liable to get ate now
If I did it's in humanity
Feeling lately a lotta y'all moms should've taken that Plan-B
Whole free world lookin like them dudes from 8-Mile
If ya wanna trip hit ya wit banana clips
Filled wit nutrition gave y'all lil dudes the K *pow*
Since y'all wanna play now
Y'all tried to show out now
Take that Bow,
Wow it's like Shad Moss
Flow so damn soft
Couldn't pitch us a hit wit a fastball
Talkin sideways get a cracked jaw
If you ain't MG better back off
If you ain't family no we can't talk
Fake friends get a hi n bye that's all
Before the mask I was nice
Never hurt a soul
But this world is cold
Leaves ya heart froze
Then demands you to give ya fortune to the same ones who stole
Hell no
Hell no
I ain't gon do it!!
But anyway everybody here get like my temper n lose it
If you got a booty better move it
Or turn this up while you ride to it

Young nerd (badass)
Extracurricular (no class)
Catch me cookin in that lab
Cuz you know I got that work work work work!
I bet you gon' know me now (X4)
The plan is to be so loud they gotta listen
Funny how when their world's crashing down, they pay attention

Make you wish you ain't laugh at my ass
Now I got a POP to Hold it down
Yea you had that flame but we got tired of yo same ol punchlines and slow it downs
Me I innovate reinvent now da kid wit da mask on holds that crown
Oh u mad my nigga?
These wack rap niggas think they gods left their Diety's mask at home
Lookin' sad my nigga
All this ass in my ear I don't wanna hear what crap you on
In the past I would listen to em
Show interest in em
Be mentors to em
But now I just got disses for em
Their lyrics horrid
Their shit is boring...

Pray to God, don't pray to me!
Cuz I ain't got a heaven for ya I just brang da heat
D Wade shootin and I carry the Mad Galaxy
Big 3 but trust me I'ma stay right here even when they leave
I know my worth, trust I carry teams, no team can carry me
Know your place, salute a general who's earned his stripes who bleeds
On every page of what he writes, let the scripture breathe
And only acknowledge Yahweh above, the rest are under me!
Triforce in hand...the mighty three
Anna's Wisdom, Andre courage and the Power lies wit me
And if I'm a king you know truly leads my fuckin queen
Far as that 4th in da middle? For now a mystery
But soon you'll see (no wait! That's NTP!)
God emcee? Negro please
Come Massage my feet hoe
Nice but on da mic? I might use this power for evil
Don't know how much more I can take
Used to be good-hearted look what you started that's your first mistake.
Send em to the lost woods! And he ain't comin back
SK pop SK's and he ain't comin back, he ain't comin back
Turn your lane to cul-de-sac
Penis in the almanac
Cuz it's brings the tides, is astronomical n all of that
Y'all all are wack
Wax my nuts
Smooth out every wrinkle
Business when you see me I ain't got no time to mingle
But I'm still wit my niggas
In dis bish flexin
Leave you leanin like Texas
All beef better dead it
You talkin come test us
This Mac? Ohh (Maco) a lil OG and it will get to yellin like

(Okay I digress, but back to where we were)


I shall consume....
Consume everything...
Track Name: Grim (feat. Andre Elix) [prod. KenKen KillT iT]
Hell yea it's getting dark....
Cali sunshine don't make it to these parts...

It's gettin Grim in this Mu'fucka
You hang wit bitches then you must die, John Tucker
Play wit my money, suck my big worm, Chris Tucker
No respect make your modest wife my Michelle Tucker
You fuckin wit da daddy?
To da Addams family?
How bout I slice ya Adam's apple
Make ya chick talk to my snake in da garden now you're in Adam's peril
Guess that makes me a devil
Instagram body parts in my basement
Makin Duck faces, what have you
Put gasoline in ya swimming pool n put a match to
this lake of fire
Barbed wire my penis like a male tiger,
Now what that mouf do?
I'll Probably
I take this knife n Scarface you
Kill yo wife while she sleeping next to you
So you can feel the hand of a dead body
You thought I was done playing the villain? Nah
Skull kid's making skull kids by skinning your children Ragh!

It's getting Grim in this mu'fucka
Things are looking Grim in this mu'fucka
It's getting Grim in this mu'fucka
It's getting Grim in this mu'fucka
Things are looking Grim in this mu'fucka

Hell yea it's getting dark....
Cali sunshine don't make it to these parts...
It's getting Grim in this mu'fucka
It's getting Grim in this mu'fucka
Things are looking Grim in this mu'fucka

Hey load the chop up them niggas they shook
I'll leave their mind on their wall like it's Facebook
These rappers thinking bout dissin
I got the beam and the scope so send yo shots I ain't missin
I'm from the side where we ride
A big bad wolf in disguise
And I done murked so many lames ain't no peer in my eyes
You acting hoe no surprise
I got yo death on my mind
Them 223's lift yo soul and send yo whole body flying
I'm from da killa Cali, we G's
In the murder valley, we be's
In the hood we bout it, no we B's
In the hood we banging
Bandanas and bananas on clips
For snitches we shoot out lips
If you owe us for the brick
We comin to get yo bitch
Murk that hoe and let the kid live
Enemies of the state, no Will Smith
It's Grim in the place we live in
We killin and eaten, defend this
Rap and we rump em like -stilsken
These rappers ain't fuckin with Ill, and
My brother AGenius
Niggas want war?
Well bring em to Gada
I'll rip em to pieces

Dirty south rida Cali westsider
Keep beside us 5 rifles in da low rida
Jungle niggas reptiles to make da body count higher
Lay him flat n post him on my wall now he's a flyer
That's To send a message
Start pourin da 40's
Get your daps up out my face we never been homies
Roll me an OZ that OG make me go OD
Rollin so deep Adele went n told me hoe you don't know me
Lil biiiitch
Don't think it's a fucking game
We play wit skulls and collecting brains
And this probe can touch ya dame
She'll go out screaming Andre's name
Everyday we spittin flames
Two heads come up where the first one came
Run up in ya casa go GRATATATA take everythang
Fuckin wit the Hydra gang
Fuckin wit da hydra gang
Them thangs can fire bang
And hide ya pain
Luminol to find the stains
NorCali young savage on em
Ain't got passion for em
Just ratchets for em
And caskets for em


Track Name: Unfuckwitable (Danger!) (feat. Kryciz) [prod. SSBeats]
A tisket a tasket
These Rappers in caskets
Your music what trash is
We flamin these bastards
Like Ashes to ashes
Ya muthaf..... *tags*

VERSE 1 (AGenius)
Nigga I'm so Darkside
So got damn evil
Bungee gum the rap game and make ya main squeeze leave you
Pull ya card too
Feel my Hatsu?
Not ya average transmuter
You try angles shit don't fly here you'll end up missing this Bermuda
These niggas ain't worth a McDonalds paycheck
Ate flesh, use my power for revenge, predator Apex
If Real niggas endangered, I'm bout to have these fake ones extinct
It's Genocide, so much blood off my hands my Porcelain pink
Stacks on Chewbacca, pockets on that Jar Jar Binks
Y'all be Mufasa ya ass off so I'm bout to have a few minks
It's a cold world, keep the ice pick
But I keep the throne on my mind like Isis
N Me n Krysiz took both crowns while y'all argue bout who da nicest
Y'all old news, can't abide by the new rules?
Yo grandma call me Emperor so I gave her that new groove
Darth Genius is a muthafckin Sith Lord
Dick is 6 floors
She said she needs an elevator to reach the tip, Lord
But instead, I make her climb the bamboo, like "holla at cha koala"
Feel like Victor Sweet, now that I done got my bars up
Whoever made fun in high school, better keep their wife from round us
Now who's the cool kids? *Go sit at the kiddie table!* YA BASIC MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!

(Is Mystikal in the room or sumn?)
Nahhh, but 'Here I go'
Better 'Move Bitch' if ya die 'It Ain't My Fault'
Kill every flow y'all niggas got...with just one drop
It's the Reapers, we see ya, these heaters will eat cha like #GRATATA!!!
D-D-DANGER!!!! (X2)

VERSE 2 (Kryciz)
Why buffet well tell me nigga wynaut third eye open like ya boy part cyclops blowing kung loud got me feeling like my high tops everytime i power up im sounding like
Going good together like naruhina gotta ex girl named sarafina that thang stay wet call it aquafina but i gotta new asian crush and her name awqwafina checking all my stats and they say off the meter riding by myself in a black 2 seater and they calling me a cheater but i rather be beater cuz im faster than cheetah but i beat it like a beater and i crush it like obito kick it like nidirino all on my stick like chico pass it like dan Marino shining on niggas shino understanding my lingo mobbing like al pacino while im counting all these c notes
Prepare for your demise they know him by them eyes the darkness in the sky come alive up in the night I'll take yo head just like you kite its a promise theres no might that i will snatch your life with a knife tomorrow night ice
Hottest on the planet dammit all you niggas mad cuz you all fuckin faggots yea im fly in this bitch never been a maggot aquaman in this bitch yea i get it kraken got bread so i loaf like a nigga slaking clothes you ain't got cuz they all gotta accent foreign whips with no tops yea i been jackin 6 months ago they realized i got talent but im off balance
Black flames from the soul got me famous drinking V8 in a V12 vanquish i aint playing games but my niggas will get you vanquished a nigga got cheese like a giant ass danish shit one direction like the arrow on aang bitch satsugai on the beat said i kill everything in a different language tom yun goong so you know it be asian remember one thing kryciz amazing
kryciz amazing
kryciz amazing bitch!
kryciz amazing...
Track Name: Verbal Vengeance (feat. L8ye) [prod. Natsu Fuji]
L8ye bars:
Fuck everybody that didn't support
dropping the house on competition
like witch in the oz, because of dorthy curse with badluck, being good guy
don't ask why but, now im here to bring demise
trying to stay open in the sky like a fly,
don't try to be when im up
launchin upper cuts pissed cuz i bust a what,
holy fuck
kinda tramatized
look in my eyes
nothing like non of those guys
i hate em all, channeling on my uchiha the devil a seeka hating everybody like a hobby when,
you see me i hope you need a breather
been put down in hell twice but i climb my way back up,
thought of suicide, fuck life
cold world, like ice
pending this anger like wrote out suspensions
stab at his neck before he could finish,
hyrule supervision
feel the pain stuck in my soul it's insane
bowl full of dead brains blood stains on my shirt
stacking up dead rappers like plates full of pancakes
aint shit loyal so i flush it down the toilet,
I see fake like track hair,
praying that it all fall off
vicious so crazy head to sun like simba curse
mark savage kid
averages don't even get respect of laying in a casket then,

AGenius verse:
This shit is so savage, FACTS like Raisi K.
Collection of caskets, they ingested bullets from my K
Unapologetic to this beat, and your ears NIGGA
Your favorite rapper? Ate his heart wit a side drink of his momma's tears nigga
Tormented for years nigga
This is the result
Psychopathic, Killin all rivals for sport
And got a fanbase similar to a cult
Apparently there's kids out there who's just like me!
Who have twisted dreams of flossing cyber bullies out their teeth
Time for revenge now we feast
On all those who made fun of geeks
And them bitches too cool for us
How's your 5 kids doin?
Ain't got the same dads?
Well....that's cool.
Funny I remember you turned me down for like 4 of them dudes
They said fuck Genius and his gun bars
He ain't shootin
Who he foolin?
Load it up, hit ya mouth
More leakin out it than babies droolin
Bitch my guns are figurative
So when I load this clip up n pull it
And these fuckin bars hit ya you gon wish they were bullets
Ya Muthafcka.
Track Name: All Death Everything (URL Rapper Parody) [prod. KillKata]

Genocidal license
Bars to leave you lifeless
45's cryin out like midlife crisis
Speaking of Krysiz where you at nigga?
Verbal gats tear up wack rappers backs nigga
Gun bars are easy, heat is on? we let the iron bust
Everybody screaming could've sworn I used da silencer
If you believe in them wack niggas that's the wrong religion
Rape n pillage em on their own beats hip-hop inquisition
You just a victim I don't have opponents...
Your fear sound like cheers when I let da toast in
In da bar shinin, taught him a lesson for boasting
Creep in da door Shinin, daddy's home Redrum your onion
Come into your home get to thieving while you sleepin
Lift your brains wit ya eyes open, now you insomniac dreamin?
And All I know is murder n plotting n scheming n thieving
And All I do crack heads, but I'm never cocaine fiendinnnn
West coast rapper Does it look like I give a fuck?
Big toast clapper sumn sumn let da 40 bust
80 blow, ya dick off, no fallacio
Mono y mono let the twin pistols go boom in both ears, bitch
that's stereo

When it's war time
Red beams be da signal hoe it's Go time
Fuck da coppers fry dem pigs n eat em pork rinds
Ante up married to da block what's yours is mine
Grimey shit every dog has his day nigga it's your time

All Death Everything (X4)
Track Name: Spazz! & Villain Soup [prod. Killing Spree & Raisi K.]
Killing Spree produced it had to genocide these niggas
Used to be a Christian rapper now a psychopathic killer
Everybody wanna judge me suck da juice up out my pickle
Lemme take it up wit God if I'm such a fuckin sinner
Still writing up these scriptures
And you still a pussy nigga
And ya wifey I'm still wit her
How my nut taste when you kiss her?
Still so disrespectful
And so evil when I enter
I'm a boss I know Da squad can kill I still deliver hits ungh
Mannn Who you fuckin wit? (Spazz)
Premium pump 6? (Gass)
Ain't smoked a day in my life
But still I got y'all like "yo that's piff." (Spazz)
I listened to your shit. (Trash)
You lack bars and substance. (It's Ass)
I wrote this in 2 minutes
While hunterxhunter rolled through the credits
In this bitch like what competition? (Huh?)
You niggas lookin pathetic
And to the sign-ups talkin that shit?
How it feel to watch from them benches?
Better luck next year ho!!
But you got a long journey
Bish Wit those bars could be from Newark
Still ain't touchin no jersey. Spazz

It's Mad Galaxy nigga
You test it's tragedy nigga. (Spazz)
I've had it wit niggas
Bout time I ravage these niggas. (Spazz)
Why battle these niggas?
They sound like ass to me nigga. (Spazz)
Or they got bars but they washed up
These rappers Cassidy nigga. (Spazz)
It's Mad Galaxy nigga
You test it's tragedy nigga. (Spazz)
I've had it wit niggas
Bout time I ravage these niggas. (Spazz)
You Call on producers
So you can have you a hit
Your music be bangin'
But content is trash
You Sonic '06

Just so you know....your record will never fuck wit my resume
My sword still stained from all I've slain I'll show you pain think it's a game???
My blood boils wit the vengeance of those who burned me all those years ago
Took Sade out my iTunes just to show I no longer have no soul
Battō done brought out the yellow iris, bloody pupils
Don't blink bitch....fatal mistake against da Shinsoku
Slice Wit the back end. Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki
No return if you test me
I lust for blood so don't tempt me

I move fast.... so I'm gon talk real slow
So you understand the flow, hear every before you go
I want the sight of this X to burn an image in your soul
Know your killa. Nigga. Bet you wish I pulled da Trigga
But I ain't got no Trey Songz I only harmonize screams
And got a laundry list of sins not worth apologizing
Chop your top off I like humans just like my coupes (headless!)
Stewing all your favorite rappers in my villain soup
Cook. Cook. Cook em Genius (X4)
I like humans just like my coupes
Stirring all of your favorite rappers in my villain soup
Track Name: Suffocate (feat. Flxtch!) [prod. Raisi K.]
VERSE 1 (AGenius)
My wife told me it's coo to be friends wit these niggas
But remember the mission is still to end all these niggas
Andre, Krysiz, Drizzy n Anna, y'all my niggas but
These custom-made verses, still y'all custom-made hearses (they nice hearses tho)
But y'all know me! Just like y'all dog I'm Tryna eat
Trying not to get outshined by this Raisi K. beat
So I beast
Like a Doberman n pit
Skull Kid gone Majora on ya clique
Fuck yo team, look like Zoras in this bish
Push your weak Link in the abyss
Bitch, I'm the illest
This for my villains
Yo waifu gon get drilled in her grill I'm a Dentist
Da whole fam gettin killed for real, fck ya feelings
Mix your fluids that spill like eww, But I'm a chemist
I'm so trill what's the deal?
And since you like lean, nigga
I'll choke you till ya purple n won't hearse you just leave ya body tilt
Ya shawty rides me calls me papi
Provide me some toppy so sloppy
Round me she so Naughty
Pop bottles n drown her in Sake
Then pass her to Raisi
Ignore her whenever she calls me

When it's beef, don't hesitate
Relax nigga better breathe, or suffocate...
On every beat, I defalcate
Get heavy brain on her knees, she meditates
In da streets we never play
Don't Fuck around, if you don't eat, U gettin ate
Soul leave, it levitates
Shang Tsung leave him with me... In a better place

Im a rappers worse nightmare like a muh'fuckin writers block

Artistry with all these songs, no doubtin that I write a lot

Aint the type to beef cuz all these, niggas vegetarians

Im runnin this bitch, competition veterinarians

Runnin this world and the universe, Im takin the planetarium

Heat I'll handle when airin em. Aint no humanitarian

You walkin on forbidden grounds, allergic to that weak shit

Kick em all out on that Eve shit, garden of eden

This match up aint even, explains why I am so odd

Fatal fury, fist of flames, I think Im Terry Bogard

So far this aint a match, this set up for your known loss

Translation you J Fox tryna knuckle up with Soul Khan

Aint no slow it downs, short bus ass niggas

...Had to pause for all these sus ass niggas

Yall dont want me pissed off, smacked both directions its criss crossed

If bars was the NBA, Im Dr.J and you Chris Bosh

Track Name: Declaration of War (feat. James Wright) [prod. KenKen KillT iT]

These fuck boys type the hardest posts though, Thinkin that they're trill
Let this AR talk to rappers like they're tryna get a deal
Caps peeled like open soda...
Tryna get a buzz?
Top yo skull wit this Corona....
Put my hoodie up
No skittles or Arizona
What I'm keepin tucked
Give that KI combo Ultra
Never gave a fuck
Fuck wit me or mines it's ova
Nigga better duck
Duck cuz if yo ass da goose
What taps yo head you ain't gettin up
Bitch I tried to keep the peace
Now I keep the piece
Chuck up this deuces
N tell a nigga "peace"
Blow off every piece
Just leave his teeth
Punch em in da throat if he talks raspy wit me
Pussyboidonwun*cough cough*
Now ya soundin like Chief Keef
Biting your tongue hurts
But these bullets gon feel worse
Have atheist pray to Jesus
Every funeral's in a church
Black hoodie season reminiscent of reapers
Take me to your leader *slice* I'll turn your Yeezus to Caesar

Tried to keep it peachy fuck a treaty this is war nigga
Fuck them pussy boys that roll wit cha
Drama then I got it If ya want it yea it's war nigga
That green camo yea let's go nigga
Don't know how to act then clack clack, yeah it's war nigga
Bring that pain to ya door nigga
When I pull that iron mommas cryin when it's war nigga
More murda, more pain, pour some more liquor

Let em know rappers who front lines gon be the first to drop
Pop pop!
I don't see a bar but niggas takin shots
Fuck diplomacy these niggas tick me off I bomb they spot
Boom boom!
They gon have to clean your bodies wit a mop
So if ya don't know how to act then clack clack, yeah it's war nigga
Bring that pain to ya door nigga
Tried to keep it peachy fuck a treaty this is war nigga
More murda, more pain, pour some more liquor

Tell me your darkest secrets,
me I can box with demons/
you're leakin if you go snitchin or fishin for family members missin/
This is something different tryin to live Christian
but the hood prohibit it, forcing me to do some nigga shit like/
Kicking in the door with a bat in my hand
making demands/
like everyone on the floor or I'm crackin one pass the stands DAMN/
No remorse when you're hungry with no support from your homies,
is just a fork and tender beef from these rappers/
They don't really want raw backwards
I Spit until my jaw fractions/
I'm all Madden to y'all MCs/
niggas telling me breathe there's no need to be so aggressive well I don't agree/
so I hold my breath until my lungs exceeds
the amount of air that I need/
No limitations and fuck that slow pacing,
this is a race to make it u hatin u racist/
then remove yourself,
pistol to Temple will link you to death/
James wright AGenius we the threats

If y'all get to bumpin at your gums then it's war nigga
Fuck you and all the niggas that came wit cha
We ignore waving white flags, this is war nigga
Y'all ain't ready for what's in store nigga
Putting competition in a bag, this is war nigga
Stop acting like you don't know nigga
Better have them things loaded up this is war nigga
More clips, more killing, hope the Lord wit cha


In this bitch so fuck what you heard
Got action to go wit these words
Got tactics to go with this verse
Maggots to return you to dirt
Niggas grillin up the beef til a real G sparks up the heat, then
All of a sudden these niggas vegan, so where shall I begin?
I'ma kill em kill em kill em kill em
Like a KenKen track in the Mack and then I
Hit em hit em hit em hit em
Hard as a pimp named slick back then I
Split em split em split em split em
Headless niggas all over this bitch
Wife hates when I say nigga n bitch
Tell these niggas stop playin the role of a bitch
And I'm choking a bitch
Diss all ya crew members then dismember their members
These Parkers tell a web of lies hit em wit the Carnage n Venom
You could never fuck with me, even in brothels grrrr
And keep my circle small; Jesus had 12 apostles grrrr
So if you fuck with Mad Galaxy it'll cost ya
Your daughter's gonna need more than a night light for these monsters
And got my nigga James Wright with me
Yeah that alliance is scary
(Did the break his body to atoms?)
Now nigga that's an Odd Theory....

Track Name: Audio Lean (Pt.1&2) (feat. D-Shocka & Kryciz) [prod. Natsu Fuji]

Audio promethazine (Activis!)
Got dem bars to make ya lean (That purple flow!)
Ears bleeding that codeine (Ears bleeding!)
Rainbow colors for the fiends (They fiendin'!)
Hoe you know I got it
Doctor can't prescribe it
Hater try to knock it
Go ahead & try it
Bro I can provide it
Doctor can't prescribe it
Hoe you know I got it
Doctor can't prescribe it

I beast on that purple more than Team Rocket....
And actavis only cancelled it to increase the profits
It's the Sith Lawd, Darkside
I'm old but I stay fresh like Genkai
Turn that girl on my pole but she said that she been bi
I never noticed like senpai
But I'm just playin, I don't drank no lean, but make you lean
With that lyric promethazine
Everybody, that flow codeine
Shrink wrap that styrofoam
Listen, got you fiendin'
CD gon get you gone
Yeah you know it's Genius
Told her villainous viciousness what you ne-e-e-e-e-e-ed
Told my niggas pour up or roll up da we-e-e-e-e-e-ed
Girls flock in in assorted flavors like jolly ranchers
Told her I don't do parties I'm just Tryna make her my private dancer
I'm Texas trill
Purple condoms
She seein double that's Purple hills
This my turf
Mad Galaxy ain't a record deal that's a drug deal
What chu got here?
Gotta calculate the side effects with
Hypotenuse! This shit is kosher
Yo girl a(cute) so I bent her over
Slappin' Cam'Ron Purple Haze spittin purple flames nigga...

Now moving in slo mo
they be asking like como
1st class flights out to como
callin me kryciz dono
domo no arigato
im swimming all in that gato
im smoking and eating nachos
with about umm 5 hoes
toasted like a sammich
sippin that sprite
painting on a canvas
lemme get a light
don't fuck with me bitch im high
pink clouds all in my skys
redness all in my eyes
so much lean make y'all die


(PART 2)
Catch me on dat wave my nigga I'm surfin
lil mama got a fat ass had to go an tell bring it here an twerk it
wat can I say a nigga feel like he deserve it
bout to make shit hotter than furnace
smokin the wave
puffin an passin two joints go ablaze
wasted an faded I'm gone in a daze
they wavy an faded cuz of my tape
up in tha mood
even lil mama is up for groove
up for the high times up for cool
up for the stuntin not up for fools
an I'm so faded I can't dap u up
dirty red all in da cup
with tha fuckin wave smellin like a skunk
that wavy shit bouta turn it up
that pressure shit bout to burn it up
they came to smoke they came to fuck
they know our hustle I kno their wants
now I got two girls I don't need no cup
I got two girls I don't need no cup
They get it for me
They did it for me
That Audio lean
That promethazine

Fuck wit me you know I got it
Fuck wit genius I know you want it
Girls see me can't help but flaunt it
Haters see me serve trays like sonic
In her box like I'm instagramming
Make That oh face I'ma Instagram it
Joe Baines Swaggin on a dragon
Playa ways used to my advantage
That old game can come in handy
Young mane sit on old candy
New paint on that old caddy
New slab like I'm cursed by Ramses
She shake her jelly
Cuz da paint like jelly
Oh you hate? You jelly?
Audio lean
Flow wavy
Mug all on mean
You luh to hate me
S/O to my Texas niggas not born but bred baby
Tell ya sista I got USDA meat fo that lady
Grindin til I got Texas toast that's fat bread nigga


OUTRO (sheesh!)
Track Name: Transylvanians II (feat. Young Cheeb & Derek Dean) [prod. Raisi K.]
She gets dolled up, that's my Annabelle
*screams* She's happy that she came where the monsters dwell

Body frame on Slenderman
Dick size even mo scary
Your girl missing she Ghost
She here helpin me Bust no Bill Murray
Rap game obituary
My dogs out that grave shift
At cha front door, Pet Semetary
Rap game Stephen KING SHIT *luda sample*
I'm an alien (game over man!)
Giving her that probe
In my cockpit, n if you talk shit
Them beams aimed you hoes (no Scotty)
Morticia Addams type girl
Wit a state of mind sumn like Carrie
Girl show me your underworld
Stick my fangs in cuz I like it hairy
I left the bed wit bite marks,
This a love scene by Bram Stoker
They all suckin they vampires straight clean da pipe no Drano
I'm shining like Honey I'm hoooome (Heeere's Johnny!)
Steal ya heart baby I'm Kano
Wit my Anaconda (on some Nicki shit?)
No the one that wrapped round J. Lo
I know the pussy that's 6th Sense
Creepin down her air vents
She stay screamin when the lights dim
Got it all on tape that's Blair Witch
And I'm back wit da leatherface
Wit Dean, Cheeba n Raisi K.
And we Clever wit schemes Killin them rappers' dreams Freddy Kreuger-type résumé

I'm just, riddin thru my city with a couple killers by me
said bitch dont try me,
plus we known to get violent talkin that shit hang you up by your eyelids,
we them Transylvanian boys take your bitch up to my room meet them demonic toys yeaaa

Hoppin out the toy box like chucky
Bitches slittin they throats just to fuck me
Leprechaun gold chain cause I'm lucky
Disrespect then it's bout to get ugly
Shoe game like leatherface
Fresh j's with them blood stains
Come fuck with slain gang
I got a ice wrist like Jack Frost
The bitch too thick cut her ass off
Use her asshole as my ashtray
Smokin kush blunts it's my hay day
Ima scarecrow for them brains hoe
Got a screw loose I'm deranged hoe
Call me candy man with that trench coat
Got her too wet now that bed soaked
I ain't even talkin bout pussy juice
Blood all over the floor and the dresser too
I'm just doin what the deadman told me to
Eat the bitch like calamari tentacles
Ugh Cheeb u one nasty muh fucker
Call me crop circle shawty I let Roswell abduct her
I'm riddin round in that rental
Fuck a hoe face check her dental
Strap me up bitch im mental
Body bag these hoes like instrumentals
Bruh im sick as fuck
Transylvaian boys in this bitch now throw it up
AG triple D what's good yuhh


I'm Bram Stoker that Dracula bite
Accurate fight with that mask in the night
Laugh on the mic I attack em n strike
Skurr skurr, in that Acura white
Dislocating that sickle state
I shoot silver bullets til the pistol break
I'm a crip grim reaper
That chisel face at camp Crystal Lake
Out to go find me a victim
Call up my dogs like it's Cujo n sick em
....Chillin in graveyards
Impossible Exodus
That neck'll twist like it's Exorcist
I'm exercising my excellence
Y'all mu'fuckas can't even get next to this, aghh
Steadily chase em
Like Freddy n Jason
Machete'll lace em
I deadly embrace em
I'm all in yo city
All gritty, Insidious
Pet semetery
In the bed lookin like Michael
Hannibal Lecter and cookin like Psychos
Hit em on Halloween duking with rivals
Follow me gushing them vitals
Look into the eyes of the mask of doom
I got her wetter than a creature in the black lagoon
This a another double feature in the afternoon
I'm finna leave another mutha fucka at cha womb
Miss breaks of that vanity kills
Standing on hills up in Amityville
Still, all the insanity thrills
Stalkng for days and she's panicky still...

Awoooooooo....Mad Galaxy
LG still my wolfpack
Yea that bloodline? Manson Family
Y'all Kanye-Kevin Gates type of freaks
Eatin ass, human centipede
Claim you a monsta? Ya rhyme book is that of a sucka, that's Vampire Diaries
In that thang From Dusk Till Dawn
In da cut like Michael Myers
Told her everything's bigger in Texas
Lemme run my chainsaw dick deep inside ya
Black on like the omen
Straight demon wit cross charm like da omen
Pull up in that Nosferatu that's a foreign
She Said "I'll suck you bust" told her ass gone then
I got a "Guap Coffin" in a purple house on some Cheeb shit
She wanna swim in [Dead Sea]s fly cross "Mad Galaxies" told her thirsty ass keep "Dreamin"
Baby pulled out my katana let me cut in "DaDojo" once She found out my name was AGenius
So she gave me [brain] for the [principle]
Now she's next up on the "Dean's" List
I'm into her sinister
Fixin to finish her
Enemas sinning so
Bring in a minister
Lickin my dinner up
I axe down her walls Jack Torrance bruh
Redrum her box like end sentence bruh
I don't trick or treat these beezies
Just come through all beastly
At cha door happy to see me?
Making movies wit cha main
Pull my thang out it's horror
I'll leave you to the romantic comedies


Track Name: War is Beautiful (feat. Gmakin) [prod. Natsu Fuji &]

I once let a magazine unload on the front row
Just to see how many bullets the gun hold
Need exercise so I made a protein shake wit ya liver
Took yo intestines played jumprope
Make origami out cha skin folds
Carve my autograph ya torso
Know how much that's worth nigga?
Make ya ears bleed from da bass
Your tympanic layers break
But this is what you wanna hear nigga?
I just busted ya cerebrum ain't that what ya asked for?
That ignorant so belligerent Asshole
I detest
Watch me slice necks merciless-ly now I'm literal-ly cutthroat
Niggas mad start beef over one post
Social networks making hard niggas out of hoes
Girls start fights wit they man cuz everythings goin too good
So they can run they mouth to other hoes
But y'all don't hear me
Bring the bars
Bodies here to Reno
Murderous libido
For the throne
Shottas when I see you
Hollows make you see through
Bitch ya done
This the second Moon but you won't see a sequel
You had bars but never be remembered now you're beanie Siegel
Get ya gone
Enter trigger splits you
Cock backspace, delete you
I'm so evil
I can feed you
Your own organs
Then I eat you
Watching saw
Stuck up so I leave you
In a pool of needles
Was Pacino
In Casino
Now you Tito
In a speedo
Ain't enough I kill these beats I gotta kill these niggas too?
But this is hip-hop, made by niggas so what I'm finna do?
Black-on-black crime....what you expect it's just what niggas do!
Now so many "niggas" round me I feel like bringin in the noose

Worldstar videos
Headshot, headshot, headshot, headshot
Fighting over groupie hoes
Headshot, headshot, headshot, headshot
Look at Pac & Biggie though
Niggas can't have nada
In the club looking for problems, why?
'Cause niggas. Love. Drama. Nigga!
War Is Beautiful...
Flowers at your funeral (Everybody dyin!)

War lookin beautiful , fuck peace, when i was all about happiness and love

i aint see nobody agree, when a nigga get the chopper, that's when shit get real

Ever felt bullets verbally? physically lemme show you how dat shit feel

All dem mufucckas can't see my evil thoughts,

i'll kill you in my mind without a second thought,

Last man standing it'll prolly be me, while dey cryin at ya grave while you six feet deep

But i digress, Might be hard for you to digest

Next time you wanna pick on the quiet kid,make sure yo ass gotta bulletproof vest

Can't put my cards on the table

How i come out the womb wit horns and a halo

When i try to succeed sometimes fail but i never give up cause i don't bail

Track Name: Stamina (feat. Young Drizzy & Frivolous Shara) [prod. KenKen KillT iT]
Birthed into an inorganic state of black and white,
The euphoria of a prophesying fluorescence gives color to all things.
Though the hands of fate deal and turns are played and passed around in the fashion of a blunt
We can break the fourth wall.
Many blur the face of the long road seeking short cuts, but in actuality that is the shortcoming
Survival of the fittest in this religious scripture
A paradox, but we fear it not
Yet we hit the alarm clock not realizing five minutes is three hundred seconds multiplied by a significant variable of age and time
I’m no mathematician, just an observationlist seeing the art cripple behind crude methods, lazy ethic, and jealous speculation.

In Layman’s terms the lamest terms are simile to eventually
Get right off your behind or get left behind
My words only empowering to those already headed down the road, letting their cold shoulder thaw in the passionate sun of success
The back of their hand a guide
Knowing the sacrifices and the thirst will lead them to an even greater vibrancy than the one they were first awakened to.
This is stamina.

Niggas say they grind but they ain't really workin...
Act like they've been through pain but they ain't really hurtin
As if their talents are such a gift and a curse when...
Their shit comes on my ears the only things wit a burden
Got a few accomplishments they say I don't deserve it...
Show out on me I'll get to clappin then it's curtains
Hit my inbox like your work's doin me a service?
I took your blood, sweat and tears, made it ink and wrote this verse with it
Used to have dreams of reaching stars in my rocketship
So positive on the mic, saw my star power by da twinkle in my eye
But since the years of hate n shade
And the sneak disses sent my way all I wanna do is knock niggas' ambition out the sky
Fuck yo goals nigga
You don't have the skills to attain them
Y'all some hoes nigga
Married to game, time for arraignment
Wanna die by the hands of a genius?? Then I can make Arrangements
Run in my lane you'll get run over...must I put it in lay-man's?

These rappers want my spot...
But never dare to climb the mountain
Can't turn on god mode for you lack the ability
Put footprints on the sun it's nothing to have the world on my shoulders
With great power comes great responsibility
So I hustle so I hustle
Never relaxing my muscle
Leave excuses at the door
If you ain't about it then fuck you
If you lack vision in the dark times your ambition is in trouble
So I Turn my back on the light at the end the tunnel
(Do you really have the stamina?)

I'm grinding for everything that i wish minus the dragon balls, dedication plus motivation yall niggas lack no slackin
im in that laboratory inflicting that pain taking my spot i leave em doctor gero exposing your brain let me explain...
i done killed everything that i touched this year now they follow me like just like an usher do numbers no slumber my hustle eternal. now tell me what yall talkin bout im a bad motha ughh better shut ya mouth. im climbing and climbing dippin and dodging these bolders i got the sun in my vision i got the world on my sholders i say im feeling invincible aint no stoppin my motives i got the power to endure any obstacle that face i fear no retribution knock excuses out the way yall niggas lacking the stamina couple shots and ill damage ya man i heard your latest work im surrounded by amatures im just saying want my spot better work hard try to hit me with that weak shit bitch ill leave you in a grave yard


Okay now bridge...
You ain't ready for the bridge...
Nowadays we artists are so disconnected, so I had to make a bridge...
Well actually, KenKen made the bridge...
Still goin...Still giving y'all the bridge...
(Stamina loops)

I'm sick of rappers and their stupid ass egos
Asking for feedback I give it they think "What does he know?"
If you fuckboys want a dickrider then just say so
And I'll direct you to ya chick nigga...cuz that ain't me hoe
For every feature that I get
For every repost that I get
How dare you insult my fans by saying I don't deserve that shit
Now all of a sudden since I'm buzzin
And the subject of some discussions
Y'all like he good now so fuck him
Like I've never been through nothin'
Just like a folk just can't let each other shine
Just like a happy now? Look! We all on the decline!
I just strive to make good music....
Just Good music
Why don't you do that stead of bout what I'm doin?
All I got is a dream n a small budget
Just try to do these beats Justice
Balance the overage of fuck shit
You rappers are doin
Why y'all rappers are losin
So if you ain't on my team, keep it movin


Track Name: Power & Outro (feat. Anna Oakley) [prod. KenKen KillT iT]
INTRO (AGenius)
Father....I pray you have mercy on them
For I'm afraid I cannot
They have underestimated my abilities for too long
So it's time I show em what I got...
But with every mighty blow,
I'm humbly thankful
For this immense power comes from You...
But in case there's a Long line of souls at your gate, remember...
It's not my fault you made me supernatural.

CHORUS (AGenius)
Witness a deity arise...when I wake will be your wake
My condolences for those who chose to hate
Pick some flowers for their grave
Never having mercy on you niggas
You try to swing a hit I'm swinging hearses on you niggas
My pen gracing the pad witness these verses turn to scriptures
Jack these beats, jack my steez, I'll jack yo life, That's Jack the Ripper
This world's my atlas, I spin that bitch on my pinky
You can't even breathe without permission from me
My nigga give me the power
Modesty is for the weak fuck what you offer
Gimme money gimme fame everything
And Nigga I want the power
Any emcee that stepped to me is now Devoured
Nigga fuck yo 15 minutes it's my hour
My nigga I want the power
When I take the throne it's reign of fire
Apocalyptic bars will give this world a shower
My nigga I want the power
Fuck what you heard
I'm immortal with words
Bow down fuckin herbs
Mere mortals envy positions They don't deserve
I give that work to have the power

VERSE 1 (AGenius)
This is Epic shit
Godly, Immaculate
I would say acoustically that this must be how Heaven is
And Ever since
I chose malevolence
I've been Collecting sins
Sever heads n then I just
Wear them as my Necklace
Your Recklessness
Brought out the devilish
Fuck your benevolence!
Let me diss your disciples as I decide to RIP part ya reverend
I'm the definite!
Ya best correct this bish
Better invest in this
The villainous has got the best of me
Now Reaping is effortless
Made a cocktail of souls
skeleton in my closet made ya skin my wallet took da cash bought this track made this song
If he wack get da gat *bllrrat tat* fish grease ya back fat take that now the wackness is gone
This is not final form
You ain't ready lightning bolts give him a jolt I'll strike a mortal from atop of my throne
If you could fck wit this you da illest but you isn't
Mt. Olympus for the vicious
Your existence here will NOT be condoned
And I packed up the morgue
Bodybags in bodybags they need to build a cemetery for Every track that I'm on
Yea I'm back in my zone
Any nigga think he bigger then he's dinner bring the finisher n crack all his bones
And I lost all remorse
Being sorry won't make me sorry; call to God for recourse
I'll send Him your soul but I'm keeping your corpse!!!


VERSE 2 (Anna Oakley)
Yea! I’ve taste the power
It tasted so sweet and
I’m thinkin I need it
So Ima just have to devour
Any MC who’s competing with me
There can only be ONE!
You can have the game back
As soon as I’m done!
Cock it back and aim that
I’m shooting from my tongue
Remember the name
Cause it’s only just begun
(AO) this shit is a knockout
Just like (KO)
Other rappers clock out cause I say so!
I don’t play yo!
Better get the fuck up out my way hoe
Let’s just put them out their misery
What you say bro?
They better lay low before they bleed slow
Like Pow Pow!
What the fuck you think you gonna do now
Ima bless y’all with my presents
Now that I’m wearing the crown
I’m addressing all the peasants
Like homie you better bow down!
Represent it for the town
Ima spit it til they drown
Galaxy don’t fuck around
My whole team should be renowned
(MG) talkin bout that fire
We got (Plen-ty)
Y’all should just retire
Take the bench please
And don’t tempt me
Killin the game upon entry
So don’t be surprised
Just open up your eyes and…


Foolish mortals envying positions they don't deserve
You have some nerve to want a throne you didn't work for
Hitting my inbox and get mad because I say you're not on the level and throw tantrums instead of using that energy simply to work more
Day by day I see the unanimous love being replaced by hate then
Once was an MVP they call flagrant fouls to take me out the game shit
But I'd rather be the overrated one in their conversations
And be debated Than be like you
And go weeks without a statement
If I ain't shit, what does that make you?
But This ain't about being famous
This is about greatness
Always was
Always will be...
I'm a perfectionist and meticulous
So lend me your forgiveness
If you're left waiting more than you're used to
For our collaboration
But you hear this shit?!?
Epicness takes time
God took 7 days to craft our existence
And we still haven't explored every meridian
So know your role and continue to spectate wit sheer amazement...
Or die by the hands of an Olympian...
Still an honor I guess...
Track Name: 19 Names (Killing Spree Competition 2014 Entry) [prod. Killing Spree] (Bonus Track)

Give your ears that fuck what you heard you'll catch this years after I penetrate
My shit lethal and dormant this is illness you can't medicate
You Married to the game hands up her dress yea on ya wedding day
Fuckin Otakus up I go Ike Turner on ya Ani Mae (anime)
You feel that Hatsu? My aura from round the corner done scared ya straight
I'm 200 floors up your weak ass can't get make it past level 8

Got bars but no delivery; can't kill wit no emotion you ain't Sōjirō!
Sacrifice ya lives to blow up n do NO DAMAGE, you Chaotzu ho!!!

I won't need VirtualBox to put this Mac through ya Windows
It Must Urk (Irk) to take this (e)L but if ya Winslow ya Winslow
Mad Galaxy I got us!!! Even wit Nostic in this tho
With no help I'll stuff y'all in a bag myself this Winco (local grocery store where you have to do your own bagging)
Niggas STILL remixing GenΩcide, who really got the win though?
Took your favorite rappers n made all of em my kinfolk
Ay Shout out to them niggas, show em why we Mt. Olympu....
Nah I'd rather *Kick Push* Lupe them niggas for a minute
This a competition, conscience missing, Mad Dog on a Contra mission
Out for vengeance slaughter bitches who said that da bars ain't hittin
Lately an otaku menace still Godly wit composition
Knockem off their pedal what goes up must come down it's physics
Y'all niggas? sissified: cut em, bet many colors will bleed on their clothes like Joseph
Read a bible if you don't know it
I know it ain't anime, but try to stay focused
You couldn't windmills (win mils) in Kakariko (OOO)
But I'll give you more rounds than Guru-Guru
Who? You! Die now from the beam now eye one (I won), Cyclops
These Noobs think they cold til I black em out, that's Saibot
Skull Kid, that's me nigga
But ya girl cleans my mask n yea she plays my flute for me
Put her in Saria cosplay have her
Talkin to my wood like the Deku Tree
*All first verse - Loaded Lux sample*
But I bet these nerds Poison
Or Amiyah Scott
Nigga??? Yea you got punches but they ain't hittin nigga you shadowbox
Your soul is mine, Shang Tsung? Nah nigga Ragnarok
I got Galaxies goin Mad while yo ass just now blastin off
All up in my wifey twat
Take my time comin I'm Kakarot
You rappers lucky I'm committed cuz no fucks given take every chick y'all got
Nah fuck it
I Hit her wit that Arbok fully grown
How long? Nobody nose (knows), Pikkon
She fears the aura a nigga on
Beat that cat til it's Pitou then I'm Gon(e)!
Niggas hate so I Stay wit my toy (Matoi) and very familiar wit the Trigger to Kill La Kill
Told baby momma come here
I stripped her n sucked her nipples off, Kill La Kill
When I'm on her like fabric she's a slave to me now that's Kill La Kill
Take off my glasses n Exposed that nudist beach that coochie's Kill La Killed
Then I pull out these Twinrova Glocks, they lift spirits once they hit ya temple bitch
Pull out that heat on my right til there is none left
I bet you'll be chillin then
But y'all like playing games, so just for y'all kids
I'll blow this cartridge N leave you in 64 bits
*007 death sample* Yea that's Goldeneye nigga
*gunshots sample from JFG* Jet Force Gemini nigga!!!
And idk bout no imoutos but I take yours and bust in her eye nigga!!!
Yo I'ma take that back b4 Shiki n Killing Spree get mad at me...
I just spit a lotta geeky content so uh
*GenΩcide reference - "Can I give ya something other than, anime, references....*
*Reggie COUZ - "OR NAH!"

I got 19 Names in my Death Note (YEAH HOE!)
In this bish like (YEAH HOE!)
Rap game Kira
You just Light
Turn ya to a corpse
Mean with da pen them bodies stacked galore
Industry best let me in the fuckin door
No remorse
Lost count how many have fallen to the sword
So of course
I'm a force to be reckoned wit
Give AG the crown or I promise you'll regret the shit
Cop my CD or this destructo disc
Ho suck a dick
Up-and-comer better than most veterans

5 years still a starving artist
Bruh this game has made me so Heartless
Lately just wanna throw on this black hoodie n submit to darkness
Let these personas take lives of their own...and take the lives of these niggas....
Being myself was never enough...
So why not be crazy a little?
These days I get so
So many voices in my head
Every voice you hear on the mic today
Is it someone else, or what I said?
Am I Aaron Grace?
Or Skull Kid
All this evil is the nice guy dead?
Can I go back to who I really am?
If I don't even know who the fuck that is???
Fuck the competition!
Killing Spree can get it too if he keep ignoring a nigga
He gets no exemption
I'm the best muthafucka that done touched yo shit
Bitch you must be kiddin
Yea my nigga Kryciz nice
That nigga Shiki nice
But Listen here "I'm different"
I'll strangle you wit my 2 chainz til yo ceiling missin'
Then kill yo beats after
These are terrorist bars
Niggas claim they're meant to rule
Til I sacrifice my heart
And even if you survive that
My illness remains
If I gotta go bitch I'm taking the game
And you and yo gang
Got you. Nigga
See you in Hell Otaku niggas...
If I'm buggin, Chimera, stomp who? Nigga!
I ain't lyrical nigga? Well Fuck you nigga!
*Loaded Lux slogan sample*


Track Name: (Illumi)nate (feat. Shiki) [prod. Natsu Fuji & Killing Spree] (Super Bonus)
Pimp hand strong like Bodhisattva
That Palm crazy knock off ya makeup
These underground punches on Leorio now I bet you'll wake up
She gon make it clap like 3rd hand
You couldn't match my hits if you were Meruem
Big fish in a small pond
My killing skill is on ocean level
Butthurt over my praise to yours
While I'm Tryna get on Shizzy level
And beyond that
While y'all envy n look for reasons to hate me
Each cypher, collab, mixtape, list every flaw you can against me
Still They compare my solo shit
To Dirty Diana chords...
& Put my rivals on tracks, they say keep ya enemies close
While y'all maxin relaxin I stack your infractions
Attackin these tracks wit tactics of Assassins
Y'all lackin the passion
Y'all just Jackin to Maxim
Such saddening distractions
No flame you can't match us
Your favorite rapper I Slayed him
Sent out Hisoka to pull yo card
Your favorite rappers my needlemen
Oh but they goin hard *sarcastically said*
(they go so hard!)
10 of your tracks ain't one of mine y'all look so hopeless
It'd take a cypher from all of y'all just to match a nigga's chorus
IF THAT (hahahaha)
Mad Galaxy the family y'all like oh shit
I stay classy but step on my yard you'll suck a Zoldyk
Assassin bars handing L's to you you wanna-be nerds
You chickens cross the line I got a Canary for you birds
I'll have you buried That's my word
Results may vary when I purge
Such a foul-mouth cuz y'all ain't worth my Vocabulary that's my Curse
Thought it's bad now it's getting worse
Your thot gets turned on by my verse hoe
She go down I leave her mouth lookin like birdo's
But I digress, I can win off style alone, witness the aura of a vet
Swimming in bodybags
N I haven't even fought yet
Only show my fans my power cuz it's just
You rappers ain't worthy of seeing my bloodlust

All these rappers hatin, what's that commotion?
Fuck ya feelings then I bust compassion, now I lack emotion
They say only fight the battles you know you can win...homie...
Why the fuck you think I do this, homie?!
Fuck yo grind and fuck you shine bish I (Illumi)nate
Fuck yo grind nigga fuck yo shine bish I (Illumi)nate
Think you grind, you think you shine bish I (Illumi)nate
Think you grind, you think you shine well I (Illumi)nate

I'm loved by my fans, slept on by com-pe-ti-tion ,
Same niggas dick riding champions don't have a pot to piss in
(Poor beggars) if yall only took the effort, to dislodge the dick from yall tracheas maybe yall could spit better,
you beating me is a false construct of your M.I.N.D.
Wasn't feeling envy so i fucked Lust instead, write my verses in red
Same color of the blood that is shed from the ears of my listeners, whenever i bless them and let them hear a Shiki Verse
I'm the loli messiah, imoutos singing in choirs
My music sends out endorphins I'll have you all feeling higher
Keyboard warrior killer designed to slay them Desu Gan,
Teki no shimai wa fakku shitai oniichan,
Say I'm looking like Saddam but they half right,
Cause I'm dropping bombs on this damn mic,
Kill em with a verbal gas chamber no Third Reich,
Uchiha with the eyes on, nah yall ain't got sight
Feelin like Aizen box em in left right
Knock out no doubt yall sound like Floyd meyweather readin,
in other words nothing comes out
Oops im sorry did I really hurt yall Feeling
Should be like me i don't give a fuck about opinions
of the best on killing spree beats but no mention
From these subpar lyricists,
Mad i fuck they sis
Wait i know probably gonna say I sound like a hypocrit but yall don't really see that i strategically choose to be ignorant
Sis con is my shit, but don't get it twisted, i can still sautee a nigga with the quickness,
Katon: Gōkakyū , no genjutsu the pains all real cuz every word i say
All my niggas mic killers take on any crew
Well that still exists,
Niggas trying to act like I came up out the blue
But I've been here, just ask your sis
Noobs tryin tell me to grind more nigga,
Just in 9 months I've got a 6 figure
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Did it on my own nigga and didn't have to ride jocks to get there either
Let that sink in, while I've Grindin with the missin nin,
Yall been on yall knees slobbering, suckin on the dick of a false prophet damn
Talk behind my back, but think they a man,
Yall the type of niggas only get views from spam
Skull kidd, guess my songs bashed your skull in,
Since I got no mention in your top my fam
still my nigga since you loyal my pimp
While these other niggas jumpin ship,
Anybody getting pissed listening to this,
If I state facts bitch then it aint no diss

And Fuck you hella if your feelings hurtin
Y'all ain't really workin
You do music but you're known for roastin
Really what's your purpose?
Pussy footin yet you still a virgin
Hold on lemme murk em
Want a deal but all you do is lurkin
Girls ya never earning
If ya jerks then go ahead n Jerk then
Complain bout the twerkin
Y'all dudes thirsty I can hear ya slurpin
Hold on, they deserve this
I ain't James Wright but do A-1 shit
Watching y'all sit
In the L section
Y'all Constantly compete
And never grow a bit
Y'all Ash Ketchums