Year of the Dragon

by AGenius

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year of THE DRAGON scroll DISC ONE.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! (March 19th). To celebrate, here is a condensed project of slappers fo ya. While the subject matter is still pretty diverse, one thing every track has in common is the amount of crazy bass & G s**t. Here's to broken speakers. Enjoy.

*note* This is the AGenius that most are familiar with and used to. For a more personal me, check out The Dragon Scroll, available April 10th.


MUCH thanks to Sac by Night for all the support and time!!!! Follow at


released March 19, 2012

© 2012. MoonShooters Ent.
Executive Producer: Aaron "AGenius" Grace
Engineer: Aaron "AGenius" Grace
Guest Features: Credited in tracks
Production Credits (by track number):
Christian DeVon (11, 12);
Rasi K. (King of video game samples!!! )(2, 6, 8);
Flawless Tracks (3, 4, 14);
Clams Casino (5),
Mindlabs (7),
Brandon Stewart (1),
Jay Storm & J. Stoner (10)
Twitter: @AdotGenius

S/O AGAIN to Chris Miller for the Cover Art!!!!



all rights reserved


AGenius Sacramento, California

Just a little man with big ambition. Mottos: 1) Everything pristine. 2) Kill all things with a tempo.

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Track Name: Mobbin' (ft. Dayo & Jewelz)
Chorus (DayO):
I'm just mobbin' wit my niggas
Got no problems wit nobody
We ain't got nothin' against ya...
And my Squadron is some spittas
They ain't violent but they vicious
When it's rhymin' being considered...
Mobbin' deep
My potnas round me? Probably
We probable to body beats
But possibly my potnas is surrounding me...
Mobbin' deep
My potnas round me? Probably
We probable to body beats
But possibly my posse is surrounding me

Verse 1 (AGenius):
DnJ & AG nigga we back, deep as
Abysmal, get ya issue wit that weak rap, for 3 stacks
Hit da studio like we got ski masks, n she has
Been on all fours, we gave her knee pads n tea bags
Flexxxin' in my polo
Wit these bars you'd think I'm Bolo
When these punchlines hit cha chest
You'll arch ya back like Quasimodo
Wit my crew we're rollin' deep
But I'll take yours though, solo dolo
All eyes on me after I take the ring, I think I'm Frodo
Since the phrase I live by YOLO
Got the stamina for 4 hoes
I jump in and go loco
Beat that pink until it's rojo
It's the city of trees, and we're known for forest fires
And my lyricals are criminal, nigga just check my priors


Verse 2 (Jewelz):
Well it's that tall bright, all night
I ain't gotta say it
Car is all white, all-right
Fast as super sayian
S-S-Sayin' that I'm playin'
When I'm payin' when I'm weighin'
When you ask us "who da game?"
Bitch it's me, Genius n Day'n
And I'm feelin' like da man
And you feelin' like da woman
Estrogen in yo progression
In da mirror second guessin'
Ain't no question it's a blessin'
Feel da message in my lessons
Ain't no guessin' where da west is
We da best, shit I confess it
Man I'm ballin hard
Ridin' down da boulevard
Slappin' beats I'm wit my peeps
Hope don't pull nobody card
Takin shots we at da bar
All my bitches up to par
Takin' off into da stars
We blastin all da way to Mars...



Verse 3 (AGenius):
I'm increasing my clientele
Makin' mula from my mind sales (cells)
Countin' like a damn bank tell
Philosophies when I write in Braille
I got bars like a damn jail
Go postal like da club got mail
So tall I spit this in God's ear
They measure my height in light years
In that fly gear
Got the whole hood addicted shawty
Haters hear this n trippin' probably
Mob on rappers like Capone n Gotti
Droppin' bombs n we catchin' bodies
Lyrically a dick so I'm kinda cocky
I'm a champ like Rocky
And ain't no haters talkin', they don't want no effin' problems, killing beats yours playin' possum, we do this shawty
She fuckin' wit that FGM (Feel Good Music), so you know she feelin' good
Play that Frank Ocean when I dive in, so I "Swim Good"
STILL COOKIN you know we eatin' good
Semi-automatic bring ya muthafuckas static, turn ya triumph into tragic, get it understood, we....

Track Name: Hall of Flame (LG Posse Cut)(ft. Breezy, Nostic, Pneums, TinyT)
they dont call me TinyT the Legend for nothin/ i be cookin in the studio i want 13 plaques
a baker's dozen/ these rappers think they're in play but i put men on pause/ i put an end to your period
lik menopause/ look at my career period i bleed greatness/ im wired up like braces/ so all i spits
abracive/ im here to leave a legacy/ lyrics that last in memories/ a hip hop legend entity/
somthin ull never be/ya gotta skewed view of a back bone like quasimodo/
im a poisonous dragon call me komodo/ put my plaque next to tupac's name/
kickin niggas out call it shoe box game/because, rap rules are the same as jail,
if you dont want it dont drop bars/ so dont act hard/ or get attacked and marred/
im classy when i smoke these niggas like a fat cigar/

I remember like it was yesterday when I stepped in the game
When barely anyone knew my name
They said Breezy whack
They said he should stick to the fact that he can't rap
Now a brother done came up
Got the crowd swayin
Love Chronicles dropped the records they are playin
I'm a super saiyan cruising on my nimbus cloud
What I'm gonna do next is covered in a holy shroud
Bowed to the LG masters for respect
LGOE is the clique that's no contest
We keep it poppin like HBO on cable
LGOE yo bro that's the label
We run deeper than a grotto
Lifeguard over everything that's the motto
We to busy to pop bottles grind on full speed hit the throttle
We end up on top no other outcome
We bless you with our presecne Kobe voice your welcome

Nostic the Poet, back to hurtin em all
W a white boy swag like Dirk and Gasol
Appearances are unimportant, I don't work at the mall
Cuz God doesn't call the perfect, He perfects the called (4)
So I answer every time w the passion in my rhymes
Poetry is in my heart, I'm just a rapper in disguise
On the track I am divine, it's immaculate design
Put this verse into slavery cuz I've mastered every line (8)
Ugh ...lyrics stay fatter than Cletus
Originality is dead, recyclin yall tryna fill bins(Philbins) like Regis
AGenius! Year of the Dragon, yo, what's really good?
Put me on the track like an cartoon villain would (12)
back in the day. That would be great; half minute late, smackin ya face:
everybody already expect me to win it all like Blacks in a race
I'm Olympic, you're all the same. You might wanna pause the game (15)
and test ya girl for chlamydia, cuz I'm coming in the Hall of Flame (16)

I'm sorry haters but I made it even though you hated// I'm far from normal but normal is over rated// rate it over I'm nice that's why I'm hated anticipated I'd never make it now watch me proceed to take it// real recognize real so you can't see me // and when you see me you heated because you wanna be me// but you couldnt your replication was sub far..thus far..I'm so far // ahead of this game I think it's a shame the way you imitate me and still you end up a lame// uhh I spit that Raw pure cane addicted to the flow like Im puttin it in they veins// my competitions in the mirror there's none iller// the flow sicker than cells sickle the beat killer// and I just did my thing I RIP tracks// R.I.P. I mercked that!