Closer. [prod. Conscious Thoughts]

from by AGenius

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Just another struggle rapper
Better that than a slave to a master...
This is for all my bros
Who understand you can't muffle the message with a check,
That multi-million deals ain't worth my people's respect
And that chain's just a noose on your neck
Got a cult following of anime freaks
Who won't compromise themselves to be the industry's pet
"Good Morning" *Kanye Sample*
Got my paper and pad as I'm yawning
Then I Pick up my phone for God's calling
Jot down all these bars y'all been wanting
If you're an artist (their) quick to think that you're starving
Hardly, Probably, gained weight since I've started
Charge it to the game when you hear me though
I'm tryna make so many hits I'M your radio
And I'm getting...

Aight, let me pick it back up...
They say time waits for no man....
So why I gotta be patient...
They say time waits for no man....
So why am I patient? Yeah...
They say time waits for no man....
They say time waits for no man....
So why I gotta be patient...
Another verse you can send to the hearse
Just because I'm a nurse don't mean I keep patients (patience)

Came in
Laid all competition in the pavement
Yet somehow they list me in their favorites
Face it
You might as well leaf (leave), cuz what I rake in
I'll Trump you n blackout I'm a racist
You basic
I stay around stars like I'm Pagan
We don't talk much cuz with the grind we're acquainted
Hope you kept my throne warm while I was vacant
I'm back now, so you can go back on hiatus
Hands in the air if this is sumn you can quote
Bands in the air we ain't ever going Broke
What I look like writing to be Edgar Allen Poe (poor)
Never more never more never mo' like the Raven
Searching for Soundcloud fire it's unlikely
Unless you hit that search bar and you find me
Search for Soundcloud fire, it's unlikely....
But if you find me, I think you're getting....


from Can I Talk My Spit​?​!​? Vol. 1, released May 28, 2016



all rights reserved


AGenius Sacramento, California

Just a little man with big ambition. Mottos: 1) Everything pristine. 2) Kill all things with a tempo.

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