Talk Yo Spit, Fool! (feat. Walter West) [prod. The Danger]

from by AGenius

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Verse 1 (Walter West)
Call log full of bad hoes I curve I'm the black John Tucker lowkey,
Known as an outstanding geek so the freaks mean that when they say they wanna fuck a OG
Grown man flows with a baby face the ladies make a nigga wanna cut the goatee,
Duckin crazy drama from baby mommas who love to pillow talk so Kermit let me sip a cup of yo tea
That's none of my business sir,
You knew shorty was a bussdown why would you have kids with her?
She sellin Bj's on Backpage like it's ebay that where the hoes bids occur!
Oh man... did he just go ham? No fam, leave THAT to the pigs,
Sixteens like nicotine when I spit a mean rap you could trade that track for a cig!
Okay, I'm
Constantly cornered by locals with no type of vocals that swear they be sangin
& swear they the realest but really they fake as the nails they be wearin & hair they be swangin
What you got some remy? Cup full of henny? Couple nickels in yo wallet if any?
Bustin pistols tote the glock & the semi? But cant afford to order pasta from Denny's?
You trippin BITCH!
When I hit the switch, everybody dies, its a bloodlust,
Wrote these bars on my worst behavior cause muhfuckas never loved us,
& I just called waste management cause these new rappers is straight trash,
The youngest nigga that your Mom wants & the newest member of the A Class
It's a wrap...

Verse 2 (AGenius)
I'm the unstoppable force
And the immovable object
America's nightmare: an intelligent negro from the projects
Back to Conquest
Got no Tolerance for this community and its Nonsense
I got Walter West and a smith n wess if you cheat me out of this #Barfest
Fuck you
I'm gon shit on this beat and serve it on a plate you'll digest
And this long nose is a chest tube, now I can treat No Idols' flail chest
Fuck yo fake Threats
*click* Blaow!!!
I'm too big for y'all contests
They gassed up You n yo camp so we sent ya all up to Auschwitz
(Heil Hitler)
Let's get it poppin
Now I ain't VI seconds Anonymuz Shiki Kryciz or Nostic
I'm just a Demigod wit no name who'll fuck yo sis and yo bish as I question my conscience
You bums beg for help cuz no looks come your way
So you Hop on the Johnson cuz you want some Aides/AIDS
Think you can (Magic)ally get all these plays?
I'll hand you the L when I'm done with this K
Bitch I'll leave your head red since you wanna be "Brave"
You'll die in a room full of beams, you went ravin'?
Pop off at the mouth while in The View that's so Raven
I'll play this whole clip now let's see what you're sayin'
Flow on lidocaine think you got heart?
Even Bryson told ya ass "Don't" start
For them flatlines I'll make ya pulse stop
For them Buster rhymes I'll rip ya dreadlocks
When this (Godsmack)s you you'll be "Faceless"
Getting brain while on planes is that facelifts
killin all summer is that why they mad?
With Walter and Danger? this season I'm Breaking Bad
Your momma' hot BBW cuzzo I love em thick
I grabbed her love handles with some oven mitts
Put a bun in it
Tuck da fif for a fuckin snitch either plead da 5th or you'll plead to fif
London bridge London bridge is falling down cuz I burned that shit
Fuckin bitch
I'll do your verse when I feel like
Mix your track when I feel like
And nigga if I don't feel like
You sho not bout to feel right
Fuck with me get ya feelings hurt
Tables turned, bridges burn
Y'all forgot this is just a hobby to me
So I'll say when I'm ready to put you in an urn
Disrespect that's given is a diss you earned
So y'all ride my dick and even drink the sperm
"See that's why you can't get past soundcloud
You an asshole" when will I fuckin learn?
Fuggit, Jersey.


from Can I Talk My Spit​?​!​? Vol. 1, released May 28, 2016



all rights reserved


AGenius Sacramento, California

Just a little man with big ambition. Mottos: 1) Everything pristine. 2) Kill all things with a tempo.

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